Student Exchange Shop

The Student Exchange Shop (SES) is a parent-run store that sells gently used school clothing, including blazers, shirts, ties, pants, and athletic wear. Each year parents and students generously donate hundreds of freshly laundered STA dress code items to the Student Exchange Shop. The clothing is then resold at vastly discounted rates to students, parents and faculty. The revenue from the sale of donations provides the Parents’ Association with funds to support a wide range of classroom and faculty programs.

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  • Locating the Student Exchange Shop

    Please stop by the SES on the Lower Level of Marriott Hall. From the top floor of Marriott Hall, go to the Bradley Commons area at the end of the floor and take the elevator down to the lower level by pressing the LL* button.
  • Payment

    We accept cash and checks and can bill to student accounts. We take returns for store credit only. 
  • How to Donate

    If you have dress code items to donate to the SES, please place them in a plastic bag, sealed if possible, and drop the bag in the conveniently located SES black container opposite the entrance to the Lower School, adjacent to the Yard, or take them to the shop during open hours. Your donations are very much appreciated and make a huge difference to the STA activities that the Parents’ Association supports.
  • Volunteering

    We depend on volunteers to provide this service to our STA community. If you would like to volunteer please contact  Mary Lee, Allison Lurton, Kate Oler, or Lisa Tsui the chairs of the Student Exchange Shop.

    We are grateful for your donations and your patronage. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Hours of Operation

Please check back for operating hours for the 2021-22 school year.
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