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Facilities Request

St. Albans School has the premier facilities, catering, and hosting services for your special event. Indoor and outdoor banquet facilities, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, and small party locations are available to you in a beautiful, historic setting.

On-Site Locations Available for Rent

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  • Activities Gymnasium

    The Activities Gym is located on the second floor of the Activities Building, which is part of our indoor Athletic complex.

    The room includes a traditional hard-wood court basketball arena, with luminary and natural lighting. The space can accommodate 50-60 spectators on pull-out bleachers. Depending on your event, St. Albans may require floor covering during your event.
    • 6,970 sq. ft.
    • Capacity: 847 (standing)
    • Catering permitted
    • A/V and Wifi available
    • Six (6) fixed basketball goals
    • Lined floor for badminton
    • Inflatable ball sports only
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  • Alvord Terrace

    The Alvord Terrace is a large, outdoor walkway, surrounding the Class of 2009 Commons, which is a scenic gathering place near the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Garfield Street. Strolling the Alvord Terrace gives one a beautiful view of the Little Field, Marriott Hall, and the historic Lane-Johnston Building.

    Late afternoon and early evening activities are especially suited to this location, which conveniently adjoins Decker Terrace and the Little Field.
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  • Bradley Commons

    Located immediately below the Frist Terrace (roof top), this glass-enclosed terrace provides a 360-degree, panoramic view of the greater Washington D.C. area. The Bradley Commons is an excellent alternative to the Frist Terrace during colder, winter months or inclement weather.

    Many say that the St. Albans Bradley Commons has the best view of the Capitol Mall and the National Cathedral in the entire city of Washington,
    • 1,530 sq. ft.
    • Capacity: 90 (standing), 50 (seated) 
    • Catering permitted
    • Wifi available
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  • Cafritz Refectory

    The St. Albans Cafritz Refectory is more than 100 years old. Its beauty, tradition, elegance, and its incredible views of the city are legendary in the Washington, DC area.
    • 4,137 Sq.ft.
    • Capacity :347 standing, 250 seated, dinner 175 seated reception
    • Catering permitted
    • A/V, Wifi Available
    • This room may be divided to host smaller events.
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  • Decker Terrace and the Class of 2009 Commons

    Located in the heart of the St. Albans School campus, this partially covered outdoor terrace is ideal for a variety of functions ranging from receptions to picnic-style gatherings. It is adjacent to the Class of 2009 Commons which gives one a spectacular view of the Little Field, Marriott Hall, and the historic Lane-Johnston Building.
    • Capacity: 250 (standing), 150 (seated)
    • Catering permitted
    • Outdoor heaters permitted
    • Outdoor lighting available
    • Wifi available
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  • Frist Roof Terrace

    One of the premier gathering locations in Washington D.C. the Frist Roof Terrace offers an unparalleled view of the nation's capital. The Capitol building, Washington Monument, RFK Stadium, and Andrews Air Force Base are just some of the historic sites that can be seen from this spectacular outdoor terrace. Of course, not to be overlooked, is the magnificent view of the Washington National Cathedral.
    • 3,000 sq. ft.
    • Capacity: 150 (standing), 100 (seated)
    • Catering permitted
    • Tent rental possible
    • Outdoor heaters permitted
    • Outdoor Lighting permitted
    • Wifi available
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  • Kellogg Room

    Located on the ground floor of the St. Albans Activities Building, the historic Kellogg Room is perfectly suited for meetings or gatherings for 20-30 attendees. This room has a unique parliament-style floor plan. Be surrounded by an incredible variety of treasured books in ground-to-ceiling bookcases to give an academic flare to your event.
    • 1,217 sq. ft.
    • Capacity: 49 (standing) / 20-30 (seated)
    • Catering permitted
    • A/V, Wifi capability
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  • Manger Trophy Room

    Located on the top floor of the St. Albans Activities building, the walls of the Manger Trophy Room are lined with athletic mementos and memorabilia chronicling the storied history of St. Albans School Athletics. From the stone mantle to the oriental rugs, everything about this room projects charm and elegance.
    • 1,217 sq. ft.
    • Capacity: 49
    • Catering permitted
    • A/V, Wifi available
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  • Martin Gymnasium

    The larger of the two campus gymnasiums, the Martin Gymnasium can comfortably host two cross court games simultaneously. All baskets retract making this a very flexible venue for your special event needs.
    • 12,689 sq. ft.
    • Capacity: 1650
    • Catering permitted
    • Basketball baskets retract
    • Hardwood floor
    • Lined for basketball only
    • A/V, Wifi available
    • Hard ball sports permitted
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  • Sam's Bar (Student Activity Center)

    Located on Marriott Hall's mezzanine level, Sam's Bar is a bright, airy open space, filled with lighting, views, and enough space for 35 people.
    • 1,643 sq. ft.
    • Capacity: 35
    • Catering permitted
    • A/V, Wifi available
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General Information

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  • Directions to St. Albans School

    Click here for directions.
  • Parking

  • Underground Parking Garage Information

    Click here to view underground parking garage information.
  • Food Services

    St. Albans Dining Services stands ready to fulfill all your catering needs. From coffee service to full event planning, our chefs and caterers make any event a special occasion. Please see the Executive Catering Menu for a list of possible menus.  

    For more information, contact our Dining Services General Manager Aaron Brooks at 202-537-6592, or via e-mail message at: abrooks@stalbansschool.org
  • Insurance

    Liability insurance is required for all St.Albans School facility rentals. Insurance for one time, single day events, is available through St. Albans for a small fee. Contact the Facilities Rental office for details and assistance with insurance requirements.

    The specifics of the contractual requirements are stated below:

    The user, at its expense, shall provide and maintain comprehensive general liability insurance, insuring the user and St. Albans School as their interests appear, against any and all claims for loss, damage, injury or death, or damage to property, which may be made and arising out of the use of St. Albans facilities under the agreement. The limit of liability shall be no less than $2 million each occurrence, and $2 million aggregate combined bodily injury and property damage with personal injury included. The policy shall provide that it cannot be canceled or terminated without thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to St. Albans, and the same shall be primary and non-contributing with insurance carried by St. Albans and shall contain a severability of interests clause in respect to gross liability, protecting each named insured as though a separate policy had been issued to each. Failure to keep and maintain the above specified insurance shall be deemed a default under the agreement and shall be considered grounds for immediate termination of same and forfeiture of the deposit in connection therewith.

    Not later than its delivery of a signed copy of the agreement to St. Albans, and as a condition to the effectiveness of the agreement, the user shall deliver or cause to be delivered to St. Albans (to the attention of the St. Albans School Business Manager) certificate(s) of insurance as mentioned above.
  • Weather Policy

    In case of inclement weather, St. Albans School will communicate any decision affecting the School schedule to the entire community according to the following policy. This decision will be reached after a thorough examination of current and predicted weather conditions, and after consulting with the heads of neighboring schools (NCS, Beauvoir, Sidwell Friends, and Maret Schools).  
    1. If St. Albans School is open and operating on a regular schedule, no special announcement will be made, and all students should report to school at the usual time.
    2. St. Albans School does not follow the school-closing policies of the District of Columbia.
    3. Please check the resources below for weather-related schedule changes or other School emergency communication:
    NBC4 (WRC-TV) 
    WTOP Radio - 103.5 / 103.9 / 107.7 FM
    St. Albans School General Number 202-537-6435

    AlertNow Extreme Emergency Messaging Service 
    In the case of an extreme emergency, St. Albans School will activate the Alert Now emergency voice mail messaging service. This service allows the School to send telephone messages providing critical information in the case of an emergency to all STA families.

    Athletic Schedule Changes 
    For updated athletic schedule information, including changes, postponements, and cancellations, please check the team's schedule.
  • Cancellation Policy

    Once a contract has been signed, the user may cancel the event, via by written notice received by St. Albans, at any time up to two (2) weeks before the event and forfeit the deposit. Cancellation of the date for the event set forth in the contract. Upon any such cancellation, the user will forfeit the deposit, but will not be liable for the balance of the rental fee. Should the user cancel the event with less than two (2) weeks written notice, the user will, in addition to forfeiting the deposit, be liable for the entire rental fee unless otherwise arranged and agreed with St. Albans in writing. Event cancellations due to weather, however, will be rescheduled.

Request Information

Devin O’Donnell
Auxiliary Associate

Please contact Devin O’Donnell directly at dodonnell@stalbansschool.org or 202-537-7342.

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