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International Programs

Cultural Programs

These diverse trips, sponsored by St. Albans unless otherwise noted, introduce students to a variety of programs, ranging from language study to service to music or sports. Costs vary for these programs; they generally range between $1000 and $3500. 

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  • Lower School Summer Program in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

    On this trip, our only Lower School offering, students attend language and culture classes (grammar and other activities) at the Centro Bilingüe in San Miguel de Allende, a historic city in central Mexico, for three hours each weekday morning. Afternoon activities include field trips, such as city tours and excursions to factories and markets, and volunteer work, such as helping at orphanages and working on cleanup projects throughout the city. Students and teachers stay at a bed and breakfast.

    : About twelve Lower School students in Forms I and II. Lower School Spanish teachers serve as chaperones.

    : Two weeks at the end of June.

    : Contact Lower School Spanish teacher Kelly Castellanos-Evans, preferably by March.

    “The Lower Schoolers joined local boys to play soccer twice a week just outside San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. From the sidelines, I could hear the informal tú commands—¡Pásamela! (“Pass it to me!”) ¡Tira! (“Shoot!”)—that we had fought so hard to teach in the classroom. All the best classroom instruction does not accomplish what a simple game of soccer with Spanish-speaking peers can do!”
    Lower School Spanish Teacher Gilda Carbonaro

    Report By Past Participants
    2015 Travel Report—Clark Klitenic ’19 and Dan Hyunh ’19
    2014 Travel Report—Christian Potter ’18 and Alex LaBossiere ’18
  • The Assist Program

    To promote mutual understanding, cultural interchange, and a more peaceful world, ASSIST provides opportunities for outstanding international students to attend the finest American independent secondary schools on one-year scholarships.

    Through the ASSIST program, an international student attends St. Albans for one year. ASSIST is not an exchange program; nevertheless, the student’s presence at school provides opportunities for all to learn about different countries and cultures. The ASSIST student lives in the dorm or with a host family when the dorm is closed, and he becomes fully immersed in school and extracurricular activities. During his stay, he shares—both informally and, if he chooses, formally—insights and information about his own country and culture. The mission of the nonprofit ASSIST organization, which selects the student and places him at St. Albans, is “to discover, select, place and support outstanding international students on one-year scholarships in American independent secondary schools of stature. ASSIST students are models of achievement at their American schools, where they add to the academic vitality of the community, make contributions to the artistic, athletic, community service and other extracurricular programs, and share willingly their own unique cultural backgrounds.”
  • The Chorale Trip Abroad

    THE PROGRAM: Every few years, the Chorale takes a two-week international tour, usually of one country. The Chorale is hosted by schools, mostly with home stays, at each stop. On tour, the Chorale gives about ten scheduled performances for, and with, school choirs, church choirs, and community choirs, and innumerable impromptu performances. Students take excursions during the day to see the country and one several-day excursion to an area of special interest.

    Coming Soon

    : About 90 St. Albans and NCS students in the Chorale (Forms III-VI). (Participation is optional.) About ten teachers and parents serve as chaperones. 

    : Australia, England, Chile and Argentina, and South Africa.

    : The last two-week trip occurred in June 2016. International Chorale trips occur once every four years so that every Chorale member may have a chance to participate.

    : Please check back at a later time for more information.
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