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Strategic Plan

With Gratitude

We are deeply grateful to the members of our community who shared their insights with us as we worked on this plan. We give special thanks to our Strategic Planning Committee Tri-Chairs, Gina Coburn (Parent ’21 and ’23), Andrew Marino (Parent ’23, ’25, ’28 and ’28), and Brendan Sullivan ’93; to former Governing Board Chairs Julie Sauder Miller (Parent ’08 and ’12) and Richard H. Schoenfeld ’76 (Parent ’08); and former Board Member Jun Makihara ’75 (Parent ’13) for their advice and wisdom. We thank the many groups, including the Headmaster’s Counselors, the Alumni Association Board, the Parents’ Association leadership, student prefects, and vestry members who met with us throughout this multi-year process. And we thank everyone who served on a Strategic Planning Committee Task Force, including all those listed here:
John M. Ackerly ’93

Melissa A. Babbage, Board Member, Parent ’24, ’28

Amar C. Bakshi ’02, Board Member

Robert B. Bellinger ’80, Board Member, Parent ’28

Cathy Bernasek, Parent ’23

Mark R. Bishop, Faculty, Parent ’13

James E. Boasberg ’81, Past Board Chair, Parent ’15

Haise R. Borgmann, Parent ’24

Calvert S. Bowie ’69, Board Member

Philip A. Bradley ’64, Board Member

Anthony D. Bruce ’85, Board Member, Parent ’24

Caton M. Burwell ’95, Past Board Member

Vanessa A. Camilleri, Parent ’25

Tyler Casertano, Faculty

George T. Chopivsky III ’93

Gina D.C. Coburn, Board Member, Parent ’21, ’23

Brooke B. Coburn, Parent ’21, ’23

Christopher R. Cooper, Board Member, Parent ’19

Jason M. Cross ’95

M. Carter DeLorme ’88, Board Member, Parent ’20

Robert Denton, Parent ’21 and ’24

Edward P. Eagles ’54, Past Board Member, Faculty Emeritus

Kristin Elliott, Faculty

Perry W. Fergus, Board Member, Parent ’21, ’23

Donald A. Fishman ’87, Parent ’24

Andrew C. Florance, Past Board Member, Parent ’22, ’24
Wayne A.I. Frederick, Board Member, Parent ’22

Carrie G. Friend, Faculty

Cary C. Fuller ’60

Robert P. Gabriel ’80, Parent ’15

Robert A. Gingell Jr. ’72

Alyse Graham, Board Member, Parent ’20

Mae Grennan, Parent ’21, ’24, ’28

Ande Grennan, Parent ’21, ’24, ’28

Charles W. Harkless ’84

Peter E. Kaplan ’92, Board Member, Parent ’23, ’26

Robert K. Kinsey ’76, Board Member

Al-Hassan P. Koroma ’09, Board Member

Leland Lim ’93, Parent ’26

Natalia M.D. Luis Monteiro, Parent ’22, ’25

Martin E. MacIntyre ’05, Board Member, Faculty

David Marchick, Parent ’22

Andrew C. Marino, Board Member, Parent ’23, ’25, ’28, ’28

David S. Marriott ’92, Board Chair, Parent ’20, ’22

Laura A. McIntosh, Parent ’25, ’28

Carter W. Mitchell ’93, Board Member, Parent ’27

David T. Mohler ’86, Past Faculty, Parent ’17, ’19

Kevin P. Morin, Board Member, Parent ’19

Lise Murphy, Parent ’07, Grandparent ’27, ’29

Robert W. Musslewhite, Former Board Chair, Parent ’20

Mary Ruppe Nash, Board Member, Parent ’20, ’22

Jonathan J.M. Nobil ’02, Board Member
Tara N. Palmore, Board Member, Parent ’19, ’23, ’26

Gregory A. Parker, Staff

Richard J. Parrino, Board Member, Parent ’13, ’15, ’18

Peter A. Pinto, Parent ’24

Hugh L. Preas III ’18

Roland Reynolds, Parent ’22

Jackie P. Roberts, Parent ’20

James H. Rowe III ’69, Past Board Member, Parent ’06

Rita T. Roy, Board Member, Parent ’19, ’22

Luke Orth Russert ’04

Irasema Salcido, Board Member, Parent ’10, ’17

Rachelle Sam, Upper School Chaplain

Douglas S. Selin ’81

Kaveh Sheibani ’83

Paul F. Sheridan Jr., Parent ’23, ’26

Rachel W. Sheridan, Parent ’23, ’26

William Sonneborn, Board Member, Parent ’21

X. Blake Sparrow ’00, Past Board Member

Colin Stretch, Parent ’20

David B. Sturtevant ’92, Board Member, Faculty, Parent ’23

Brendan V. Sullivan III ’93, Board Member

Christine B. Terrell, Parent ’22, ’24

Joseph Viola, Faculty

William M. Walker ’85, Board Member, Parent ’21, ’23, ’25

Martha R. Webb, Parent ’21

Natalie B. Wilensky, Parent ’28

James B. Wolcott II ’95
Located in Washington D.C.,  St. Albans School is a private, all boys day and boarding school. For more than a century, St. Albans has offered a distinctive educational experience for young men in grades 4 through 12. While our students reach exceptional academic goals and exhibit first-rate athletic and artistic achievements, as an Episcopal school we place equal emphasis upon moral and spiritual education.