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Parent Resources

Health Forms

St. Albans uses an online database called Magnus Health for all student medical information. Magnus is a web-based system that will allow you continuous access to your son’s health record, as well as the ability to make updates when needed.

Follow these instructions to access your Magnus account:
  • Visit www.stalbansschool.org
  • In the top center, click on the button labeled “MySTA”
  • Enter your log-in credentials to access the back-end portal (click here for instructions on how to retrieve log-in credentials)
  • On the Resource Board, click on the “Magnus Online Health Forms” post to automatically log into Magnus
Once you have entered Magnus, you will have the opportunity to watch a short tutorial video about how to navigate the system. All of your son’s required medical forms will be available for you to fill out, download, upload and/or sign electronically on Magnus.

Be sure to login to Magnus AT LEAST 24 HOURS before your son’s medical and/or dental appointments so that you can download the required forms for your healthcare provider to fill out. You will submit completed forms directly to Magnus. Hard copy or emailed medical forms submitted to St. Albans will not be accepted; hard copy medical forms mailed to, faxed or left at school will be returned to sender.

Questions or Problems?

If you are having difficulty navigating the Magnus system, entering data online, or downloading the hardcopy coversheets and forms, or if you have any other questions, please contact customer support at Magnus Health SMR by phone at 877-461-6831 or by email at service@magnushealthportal.com.

If you find that you are having technical difficulties, check the encryption update tester: http://testtls.mymagnus.com/ and please use the following url: https://secure.magnushealthportal.com/public/version.jsf and send the resulting information to Magnus Help Desk.

Also, please feel free to consult the Magnus Health page for Parents: http://magnushealth.com/parents/ and Privacy and Security page at www.magnushealth.com/privacy-and-security/
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