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Financial Aid & Tuition

Students are admitted to St. Albans based on their achievements, their character, and their potential to enhance our community and thrive at our school.

Every boy from every walk of life brings unique gifts and talents to St. Albans. Because this breadth enriches everyone’s educational experience, the school has, since its founding, made financial aid a priority. 

St. Albans believes that a family’s financial situation should not prevent any student from attending. To assure this, we maintain a need-blind admissions policy: each boy is assessed solely on his merits—without consideration of his family’s economic resources. We also maintain a robust financial aid program, which allows us to meet the full demonstrated need of every admitted student. Our financial aid awards meet the difference between tuition and what a family can afford to contribute.

In recent years, families with household incomes ranging from $25,000 to more than $350,000 have been eligible for financial aid. For 2022-2023, the school granted more than $5,800,000 in need-based financial aid with 31 percent of the student body receiving that aid. Grants, based on family’s income and assets, range from 5 percent to 99 percent of tuition; the average grant for 2022-2023 accounted for approximately 65 percent of the tuition costs.

Central to our mission as an Episcopalian school is a belief that our education is enhanced by the diversity of our school. Our robust financial aid budget allows St. Albans to create a dynamic, socio-economically diverse community.

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  • Tuition (FOR 2023-2024 ACADEMIC YEAR)

    Day School for Forms C–VI (Grades 4–12): $55,468*
    Boarding School for Forms III–VI (grades 9–12): $78,196*

    *New students also pay a one-time, non-refundable new student enrollment fee of $1,875 in addition to stated tuition.
  • Required Fees

    Admissions Application Fee*: $80 for domestic applicants, $120 for international applicants
    An $80 or $120 non-refundable fee must accompany the application for admission.

    Enrollment Deposit*: $1,000
    A $1,000 enrollment deposit is paid upon enrollment in the school. The deposit is held and reapplied each spring to secure enrollment for the following year. The deposit is refunded upon separation from the School, once all outstanding bills have been paid.

    New Student Enrollment Fee: $1,875
    A one-time, non-refundable fee of $1,875 must be paid for each newly-enrolled student.

    Enrollment at St. Albans School may be cancelled by written notice only, up to June 1. After June 1, the parents are responsible for the full year's tuition except as provided under the Elective Tuition Refund Insurance Plan.

    *This fee may be reduced or waived for applicants who will require substantial financial assistance.
  • Insurance Fees

    Election Tuition Refund Insurance*
    • Day Student: $305.07
    • Boarding Student: $430.08
    Elective tuition refund insurance is made available to parents and provides a percentage refund for medical absence, withdrawal, or dismissal. The insurance is optional, but parents are reminded that the school itself will make no refund for absence, withdrawal, dismissal, or transfer of family.

    Group Accident Insurance*: $36
    Group accident insurance is also available and covers the entire school year. The school is not responsible for personal injury, property loss, or damage incurred in connection with school activities or programs.

    *Insurance charges are payable with initial billing.
  • Other Fees

    The costs associated with optional overnight trips, participation fees for certain club sports, special event tickets, and private music lessons are payable as billed. School store purchases, textbooks and supplies, testing fees, Parents' Association dues and events, and Form fees are due and payable as billed. If bills are not paid, charge privileges will be suspended.
Located in Washington D.C.,  St. Albans School is a private, all boys day and boarding school. For more than a century, St. Albans has offered a distinctive educational experience for young men in grades 4 through 12. While our students reach exceptional academic goals and exhibit first-rate athletic and artistic achievements, as an Episcopal school we place equal emphasis upon moral and spiritual education.