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Opening Day 2022

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Upper School Prize Day 2022

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Lower School Life 2021-22

Enjoy highlights from the 2021-22 school year in the Lower School, created by Vestry member Simon Smith ’26.

Life Lessons in Poetry

Educator and slam poet Tahir Hall, aka “Basilio,” offered Form II students a poetry workshop, where he shared his passion for writing. Hall interspersed his own poems with messages encouraging the boys to find their voices and speak up to solve problems. Enjoy the video of the workshop.

Varsity Athletics 2021-22

Enjoy a look back at the 2021-22 varsity athletics. Many thanks to all the parents for helping us capture all these exciting moments. 

Performing Arts 2021-22

Enjoy scenes from the Performing Arts for the 2021-22 season.

Class of 2022’s Last Chapel Walk

Members of the senior class walked in silence to the last chapel service of the school year on May 26. John Campbell ’85, chair of the History Department, delivered the closing chapel homily.

“Morning Has Broken”

By Eleanor Farjeon (1931)


Also known as “We Are Marching in the Light of God” (Siyahamba) (1984).

“I’ve Got Peace Like A River”

“Ubi Caritas”

On a beautiful spring day, the Lower School chapel moved outside, and the boys enjoyed singing their favorite hymns, including “Ubi caritas” by Composer Jacques Berthier (1984).

“One Fine Day”

At Joyce Murphy’s retirement celebration, colleagues and friends serenaded her to the tune of “One Fine Day.” Enjoy the fun!

Mr. Paul Herman’s Prayer

At Mrs. Joyce Murphy’s retirement, long-time Lower School Head Paul Herman closed with the prayer he often recited at the end of Lower School lunch.

Mr. Chandler’s Tribute to Mrs. Murphy

Lower School Head Fred Chandler offered his tribute to Mrs. Murphy, saying, “I will begin with these simple and profound truths,” “Joyce loves the boys. She loves the teachers and staff. She knows so many families. She takes care of us.”

Mr. Herman’s Tribute to Mrs. Joyce Murphy

Former Lower School Head Paul Herman offered a tribute filled with fond memories and kind words, adding, “Our boys know that if they have a problem, Mrs. Murphy is the solution. Thank you, Joyce, for all of the solutions and for all of the joy you have brought to this school these past twenty-five years.”

Mr. Robinson’s Welcome & Tribute

St. Albans honored Lower School assistant Mrs. Joyce Murphy and her 25 years of service with a retirement celebration on May 17. Headmaster Jason Robinson welcomed the large gathering of friends on Senior Circle.

Mr. Herman’s Visit

Mr. Paul Herman, head of the Lower school from 1990 to 2016, joined Mr. Chandler for lunch in the refectory today. Recalling how Mr. Herman had convinced him to teach in the Lower School, Mr. Chandler commended Mr. Herman for his belief in the value of teachers at that stage in a young man’s life.

“Men of the Future, Stand”

Enjoy the Lower School singing the school hymn, “Men of the Future, Stand,” on a beautiful spring day on Senior Circle!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Robinson!

Please join us in wishing Mr. Robinson a very happy birthday! To celebrate, Jackets Off sang “Happy Birthday” to him following Upper School Lunch, and Forms C & B serenaded him outside of his office window during a meeting with Lower School Head Fred Chandler!

Holy Week Chapel

Enjoy this hymn, “My Song Is Love Unknown,” by John Ireland (1879-1962), sung beautifully by Collin Power, Form C teacher Lauren Goodyear, Latin teacher Vanessa Johnson, and Associate Choral Director Chuck Bowers. Many thanks to Lower School Counselor Ted Haley for recording this video. 

The Tent Is Gone!

Lower Schoolers were excited to discover that the massive tent, standing on the Little Field since fall 2020 to provide outdoor classrooms and lunch rooms and more, was removed over spring break. They quickly reclaimed the entire Little Field (which doesn't feel so little any more!) for recess. For the youngest boys, this was their first time seeing the field without a tent.

Denizé’s Ride Along

English Department Chair Donna Denizé joined Crew Head Coach Ted Haley and the crew team on the Potomac for a scenic ride along!

It Feels Like Spring

As we head into spring break, enjoy the opening lines of the poem “Spring Song,” by Paul Laurence Dunbar, shared by Head of Upper School Sam Schaffer at the close of Upper School lunch.

Team STA Robodogs

At a recent Upper School assembly, the STA Robotics team demonstrated the driving and scoring skills needed to score points during robotics tournaments. The Robodogs have competed in 6 tournaments, with their strongest finish yielding a #4 ranking out of 50 robots. Up next: the team competes in the D.C. VRC Skills Championship this weekend. Follow #starobodogs or search for “St. Albans Robotics Team” on Instagram and the new @starobodogs Twitter feed for some scintillating high-quality content!

Celebrating Ash Wednesday

St. Albans celebrated Ash Wednesday, a day in the Christian tradition that marks the beginning of Lent, with chapel services. Students, faculty, and staff were invited into this season of self-reflection and could choose to partake in the imposition of ashes on their foreheads, a mark of our human nature and our connection to God.

“I’m Glad God Made Me”

Renowned singer and pianist Ralph Herndon performed “I’m Glad God Made Me” at a recent Lower School chapel.

“I Still Have Joy”

Renowned singer and pianist Ralph Herndon joined the NCS-STA Chorale for a special collaborative rehearsal where he taught “I Still Have Joy.”

Illuminating the Little Sanctuary

“The human eye does not necessarily see things; it sees light bouncing off things, and the brain interprets it. A camera does the same thing,” Lower School art teacher Sean Nolan explains to his B Form students. And, as his students are learning, they can adjust the settings inside a camera to see—and capture—light in a variety of ways.  Employing a photography technique called light writing, students “drew” images with flashlights and then used DSLR cameras set to a long exposure to capture stunning images of light. Students spent weeks in the Little Sanctuary taking the images, and then shared their work—dubbed “Let Your Light Shine”—at Lower School chapel.

Together Again For Family-Style Lunch

Joy and laughter filled the Cafritz Refectory as Lower School enjoyed its first indoor, family-style lunch since March 2020. Enjoy the video, as well as photos from Upper School lunch!

Forms C & B Learn the Rules of Dining Together

Forms C and B learned the rules (and joys) of dining together in the Cafritz Refectory. This is the first time either form has ever dined inside. On Monday, they will join with Forms A-II for the first entire Lower School lunch since March 2020! 

21 Things to Do on a Friday Afternoon

Lower School clubs are back, after a three-year, covid-related hiatus. Traditionally held at the end of the day on Fridays in winters, clubs allow teachers and boys to pursue a variety of personal interests. 

Assembly with Prof. Frank Snowden ’64

Prof. Frank Snowden ’64, the Andrew Downey Yorrick Professor Emeritus of History and the History of Medicine at Yale and St. Albans’ first Black student, spoke at the Upper School assembly on our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Reflection.

In Honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., students attended a special service in the Cathedral, where King’s 13-year-old granddaughter Yolanda Renee King, offered the homily. 

What Made You Choose St. Albans?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Upper School students tell what made them choose St. Albans.

What Relationship Has Meant a Lot to You?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Upper School students talk about a relationship that meant a lot to them.

What Academic Class or Experience Has Stood Out?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Upper School students share a memorable academic class or experience.

What Is One Moment that Stands Out?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Upper School students share one moment that stands out.

What Is Your Favorite Lunch?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Upper School students talk about their favorite lunch.

What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Upper School students respond to the question: What Advice Would You Give Yourself Starting at St. Albans?

Why Do You Teach at a Boys School?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Lower School faculty explained why they teach at a boys school

What Is It About STA that You Love?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Lower School faculty reflected on what they love about St. Albans.

What Does It Take to Succeed at St. Albans?

At our fall Admissions Open House, Lower School faculty answered the question: What Does It Take to Succeed at St. Albans?

Lessons and Carols 2021

NCS and STA once again presented a live, in-person Festival of Lessons and Carols.

Fall Happenings

Join us as we take a look back at a busy first semester.

40th Egg Drop!

Challenged to use five sheets of paper, ten straws, and tape, Upper School physics students designed and fabricated a case to protect an egg against a 60-foot drop onto concrete from atop Frist Terrace on Marriott Hall. Faculty emeritus Dr. Bob Morse, who originated the Egg Drop contest and wrote the Eggmash carols, returned for this honored STA tradition. 

Wishbone Pull 2021

As is custom, after Upper School lunch, Headmaster Robinson challenged the head prefect, Rustin Khosravi ’22, to a wishbone pull. And, as is custom, the head prefect won. The prize: free dress the last day before Thanksgiving break. Enjoy the wishbone pull video. Happy Thanksgiving!

A Prayer of Thanks

Head Of Lower School Fred Chandler offers a prayer of thanks after Lower School Thanksgiving lunch.

Thank You, Sodexo!

Our annual Thanksgiving lunch comprised 550 lbs. of roasted turkey, 20 lbs. of pit ham, 40 lbs. of macaroni and cheese, 90 lbs. of stuffing, 160 lbs. of mashed potatoes, 60 lbs. of candied sweet potatoes, 80 lbs. of green beans, 25 lbs. of cranberry sauce, 2,000 dinner rolls, and 70 pumpkin pies. Special thanks to the Sodexo dining and housekeeping staff for preparing such a delicious and filling Thanksgiving luncheon. 

Blue-White Food Drive a Success!

Lower Schoolers presented the local non-profit We Are Family, which supports area low-income seniors, with gift cards and grocery items—almost twice as much as we collected last year.

Eight Bells

Toward the end of the service, Mr. Wilkerson rang eight bells, a Navy tradition at funerals, which indicates the watch is over and all is well.

Honoring Those Who Serve

Form B teacher, archivist, and former Sergeant Mark Wilkerson (USMC) gave a solo performance of the Navy Hymn “Eternal Father, Strong to Save.”

Many Reasons For Free Dress

At lunch today, Mr. Chandler read the prefects’ long list of reasons why the Lower School should have a free dress. As custom, the Form I and II boys showed their support for the decision by drumming on the tables and shouting for joy.

It’s A Fiesta!

Mariachi Los Caciques, a talented mariachi band from Lakeview High School in San Angelo, Texas, traveled to DC and St. Albans School to help us celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

The All-Lower School Photo

It takes about 30 minutes to arrange the entire Lower School on the Pilgrim Steps for their annual group photo. Enjoy this high-speed, glimpse behind the scenes.

Upper School Form Photos

The Upper School boys were a little bit easier to organize for their all-form photos on the Pilgrim Steps. Enjoy the video!

PA Visual Arts Summer Fellows

The St. Albans School Parents’ Association is proud to present the 2021 Visual Arts Summer Fellows Exhibition. Enjoy images of the students’ artwork and hear about their experiences this summer exploring various art forms.

"Men of the Future Stand"

Enjoy the Choristers singing the school hymn, “Men of the Future, Stand.”

Battle of the Books

Forms C, B, and A have a dance off at the Battle of the Books!

HBD Mr. Mac!

Mr. Najdi arranged a Happy Birthday greeting for Form I Leader and History teacher Mr. MacIntyre this morning. Join us in wishing him a very happy birthday! Many thanks to Mr. Haley for capturing the moment!

Homecoming 2021

Bulldog spirit was high for Homecoming 2021! Enjoy scenes from the victorious varsity soccer and football games as well as the parade!

Homecoming Pep Rally

Upper school students participate in a pep rally shortly before the successful 2021 homecoming! 

Why We Have an Honor Code

As we near the halfway point in the first quarter, enjoy this video by the 2020-21 Lower School prefects on why we have an Honor Code.

Real-Life Stories of Honor

The 2020-21 Lower School prefects asked Lower and Upper School students to share their real-life stories involving honor (and its opposite).

What Does It Mean to Be an STA Man?

What does it mean to be a St. Albans man? The 2020-21 Lower School prefects asked several Lower and Upper School students this question. Enjoy the responses.

How Do You Define Honor?

The 2020-21 Lower School prefects interviewed Lower and Upper School students about the meaning of honor. In this video, they ask: “How do you define honor?”

“Seek Ye First”

Enjoy the hymn “Seek Ye First,” sung by the Choristers at the first Cathedral Chapel of the school year on September 23.

Honor: An Introduction to the Project

Lower school head prefect discusses what honor means. 

Mid-Autumn Festival: Tang Poetry

Mrs. Weeks' coordinate Chinese IA class recites Tang poetry in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival, on September 21, 2021.

Lower School Cathedral Chapel: Musical Prelude

A Form I student provided the musical prelude for the first Lower School Cathedral chapel of the school year on September 23. Enjoy the beautiful music!

Knowing 268 Names

Head of Lower School, Fred Chandler, returns to the long-standing tradition of greeting each student with a handshake and welcoming every boy by name as they arrive at school. Challenging himself to learn the names of all 268 Lower Schoolers during the first month of school, he gives a $1 coin to any boy whose name he misses.

Senior Prefect Theo Sotoodehnia ’22

Senior Prefect Theo Sotoodehnia ’22 offered William Wordsworth’s “happy warrior”—who accepts challenges with relish and moves with gusto—as a model for students in a recent assembly. 

Senior Prefect Henry Mali ’22

Senior Prefect Henry Mali ’22 recalled the difficulties he faced in Form III — and the community that helped him through.

Senior Prefect Lance Gartrell ’22

Senior Prefect Lance Gartrell ’22 compared the kindness of a stranger who proffered an umbrella on a cold rainy day to his experience at St. Albans and reminded students to always rely on each other for support.

Head Prefect Rustin Khosravi ’22

In the first Upper School assembly for the school year, Head Prefect Rustin Khosravi ’22 predicted the year ahead would be one of growth as well as restoration, as students learned Upper School traditions and created new ones.

Opening Cathedral Service Homily 2021

Headmaster Jason Robinson delivered this homily at the Opening Cathedral Service on September 13, 2021.

Behind-the-Scenes at the Opening Cathedral Service

It’s wonderful to be together again in the Cathedral for the Opening of Cathedral service. We hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look.

Opening Cathedral Service 2021



It was great to see all our students back on campus at registration and orientation! Enjoy scenes of the day’s excitement.

Godspeed to the Class of 2021!

Join us in congratulating our newest alumni!

Class of 2021 Slideshow Shared at Graduation

Thanks to David Donoghue ’21 and Sam Rhee ’21 for creating this slideshow.

The 112th Commencement

We are grateful the Class of 2021—and their families—were able to experience their Commencement service in the Washington National Cathedral.

Commencement Anthem

The Chorale sings the 112th Commencement anthem, “Bound for the Promised Land,” on Frist Terrace, atop Marriott Hall.

Slideshow Shared At US Prize Day 2021

Thanks to David Donoghue ’21 and Sam Rhee ’21 for creating this slideshow. 

US Prize Day 2021

Cum Laude Address

At the Cum Laude service, current parent Marc Siegel, an associate professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Science, offered an address about honesty, humility, and humor.

Cum Laude Honors 2021

St. Albans inducted seventeen members of the Class of 2021 into the Cum Laude Society on June 8, 2021. The society recognizes not only superior scholarly achievement, but also the character qualities of areté (excellence), diké (justice), and timé (honor).

Scenes From Lower School Life

Enjoy the Lower School’s annual end-of-the-year slideshow Said Form B teacher (and amazing photographer) Erl Houston, who created the slideshow: “Despite the many Covid challenges you faced this year ... I hope you will see a reflection of your school year here — a year brimming with strength, reflection, joy, friendship, growth, hard work, and new classrooms. It has been great to be with you in person the past few months!”

Appreciating Cicadas

As the Brood X invasion continues, C, B, & A science teacher JT Miller shared one more way to appreciate cicadas: dipped in chocolate. Spoiler alert: 37 boys took a taste.

“Art Thou Troubled?”

The Forms C, B & A Chorus, accompanied by Mr. Goen on keyboard, performed “Art Thou Troubled?” for a recent chapel service.

“Dodi Li”

The Forms I & II Chorus, accompanied by the Lower School Orchestra and Mr. Goen on keyboard, performed Hebrew folk song “Dodi Li”  for a chapel service.

Last US Chapel

Seniors returned to the Little Sanctuary for the first time, all together, this year. The Class of 2021 processed in silence to the last chapel of the year on May 27, 2021.

Back in the Pool

Form A science classes were recently in the Lawrence Pool for their much-anticipated underwater ROV competition. They were the first swimmers to get in the Lawrence Pool since Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

Monitoring Indoor Air-quality

Doug Errett’s AP Environmental Science class conducted indoor air-quality monitoring to evaluate air exchange rates in classrooms across campus. Average carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations were collected in classrooms and compared with outdoor ambient CO2 levels to calculate the approximate rate of air changes per hour (ACH).  In all classrooms, ACH rates were well above the minimum recommended rate of 4 changes per hour, and most were above the “excellent” rating of 6 changes per hour. 

STA at Stotesbury Cup Regatta

The St. Albans 1st eight competed in the senior 8 category at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta this past weekend. The crew earned a bronze medal in the final behind St. Joe’s Prep of Philadelphia and Walt Whitman of Bethesda. The STA crew rowed out of lane 6, which is notoriously slow, but they bucked traditional wisdom and eked out the 3rd-place finish over Dallas Jesuit by .02 seconds. Coach Haley, who was incredibly impressed with this effort, said: “A bronze in the senior 8 out of lane 6 felt like a victory, especially in this year.” This same crew will compete again at the Scholastic Rowing Association Nationals in Philadelphia over Memorial Day weekend to end the season.

The Power of a Poem

Lower School Head Fred Chandler began his remarks at a recent Father’s Committee meeting the way he often does—by reciting a poem that, in his words, “gets into the meat of a recent rumination.” Enjoy his recitation of John Murillo’s “Variations on a Theme by Elizabeth Bishop.” Asked why he chose the poem, Chandler noted: “The pandemic moment has been profoundly defined by loss. Yes, sickness and death have marked these times, but loss, deficit, and voids of all sorts sprinkle around us these days. Rue and sadness ensue, but lurking behind loss is always a new chance, some kind of new way forward, a chance for hope.”

STA Crew Wins The Foley Cup

The St. Albans crew went to the Anacostia River on a windy and choppy day to race crosstown rival Gonzaga. In the Varsity 8 race, STA came back from a length down in the final 600 meters of the race to win by 0.87 seconds. This win brought The Foley Cup back to the Bulldogs for the first time since 2015! The race was not held last year, and Gonzaga had won the previous four years. Said Head Coach Ted Haley: “It was one of the most thrilling races I’d ever witnessed!” 

“Fanfare Rondeau”

Upper School Orchestra members offered a rousing version of “Fanfare Rondeau,” by Jean-Joseph Mouret, for their first in-person performance together this year.


The Chorale practiced singing “Heleluyan” (a traditional Muscogee [Creek] Indian hymn) for Upper School chapel.

“Down by the Salley Gardens”

The Upper School Orchestra rehearsed the Irish folk song “Down by the Salley Gardens” (setting by Patrick Roszell) for Upper School chapel , their first in-person performance together this year.

“Bound for the Promised Land”

The Chorale rehearsed arrangements of “Bound for the Promised Land” (an Early American Hymn) for Upper School chapel, their first in-person performance together this year.

Forms I & II Orchestra In-Person!

With most of our students now back on campus each day, in-person music rehearsals have restarted. This morning in Trapier Theater, the Form I and II Orchestra rehearsed the Irish folk song “Down by the Salley Gardens” (setting by Patrick Roszell; title and text [when sung] by the poet Yeats). The piece, which students at both schools are learning, is fairly new to the students, who were close to sight-reading at the 15-minute rehearsal with Instrumental Music Director Scott Wood.

Math Puzzles

Lower School math teams work on their visual-spatial skills by solving puzzles involving folding Patty Paper, the square paper used to separate hamburger patties, into various shapes. The puzzles range in difficulty, with the most challenging meriting badges of honor; a few of them still have not been solved! Jodi Meunier, Lower School math specialist and teacher, said, “These puzzles involve creating very specific shapes; the students can only fold along the given folds, and no cutting—or adding folds is allowed.”

US Chorale

The Upper School Chorale recently rehearsed in person for the first time since March 2020. It was only fitting they began their rehearsal with “Men of the Future, Stand.”

Welcome Back, Bulldogs!

It’s great to see the red and blue cohorts together for the first time this year! 

Penny Boats

Form C students designed and created aluminum foil boats to see which ones would hold the most pennies in Mr. Miller’s science class. This year’s record was set with 458 pennies.

LEGO Robots

Form A designed their own LEGO Robot Field Day events—Senior Circle Race, LEGO Tennis, and Triangle Race—then programmed their robots to compete in them.

Bert and STA: A Perfect Fit

Upper School Psychologist Carrie Friend explains the role Bert, our favorite school dog, plays at STA. Bert trained with Hero Dogs, Inc., which trains service dogs for veterans, but his allergies prevented him from going down the military route. Fortunately, Hero Dogs also does a great job helping working dogs like Bert to find other jobs, which is how Dr. Friend found Bert and brought him to STA. She described Bert as a “pretty perfect fit.” Our students think so, too.

Lunch Announcements Resume

Lower School lunch announcements resumed this week for the first time, in person, since last March. Mr. Chandler sent the boys off with a prayer.

Social Justice & The Arts

Actor and activist Brandon Victor Dixon ’99 offered an Upper School assembly talk about social justice and the arts over Zoom last week. “The arts contribute to the forward movement and evolution of culture and society,” said Dixon, who also described the intersection of arts and advocacy in his own work in The Lion King, The Scottsboro Boys, Motown: The Musical, Rent, and Hamilton. Noted Dixon: “Historically, theater, the arts, and music have not shied away from challenging subjects:, race, gender, class, sexual preference, you name it. Typically the arts and artists create a kind of a lens and a window for us as society to reflect on ourselves, where we are, the things that we admit about ourselves, and things we hide about ourselves, they create a kind of conduit to bring those things forward.”

Author Jennifer Nielsen’s Visit

Lower Schoolers eagerly welcomed author Jennifer Nielsen to a zoom assembly. Nielsen, whose fiction ranges from magical to historical, wrote the Ascendance series (starting with The False Prince), The Traitor’s Game series, and Resistance — all favorites among our students. Nielsen discussed her book Rescue, to be released next month, about a girl involved in the French Resistance. “History is not names, dates and places,” Nielsen told the boys. “It’s people.” Enjoy the video of her presentation.

March Mammal Madness at STA

It’s March, which means Lower Schoolers in JT Miller’s CBA science classes are filling out their brackets for March Mammal Madness — an NCAA-bracket-inspired competition  in which animals are paired against each other, and students, after researching the animals, speculate which would fare better in a specific environment. Check out Mr. Miller’s take on the subject. 

Making Music From Afar

How do you teach music when your students can’t rehearse or perform on campus? Mr. Brandon Straub, director of the choral music program and chair of the Music Department, and Mr. Scott Wood, director of instrumental music, shared some of the creative ways they have been helping boys sing and perform remotely this year. They also highlight some of the new technologies and tools they look forward to implementing in the years ahead.

Ash Wednesday Service

Ash Wednesday is a Christian holy day that marks the beginning of the season of Lent, a time of reflection on where we have not been our best selves and a time to draw closer to God. Receiving ashes on our foreheads is a sign of our human nature and mortality and our connection to God as his beloved children. It is especially meaningful this year in the midst of the pandemic. Because we cannot meet in person as we normally would, the Chaplains have prepared an Ash Wednesday service to share with the community in the safety of their homes with their families. Enjoy the service.

Doves of Hope

Lower School religion classes are being held in the Cathedral this week, underneath thousands of paper doves suspended from the National Cathedral’s 100-foot-high, vaulted ceiling – part of the art exhibit “Les Colombes,” by German artist Michael Pendry. The Rev. Brooks Hundley, the Rev. Chadwick and the boys spoke about the symbolism of doves in the Bible and looked at the dove in the Window of Noah and the Flood. The boys then had the chance to make their own origami “doves of hope.” 


School Archivist Mark Wilkerson presents a special edition of Off-Site Minute with news clips from our community about Inauguration Day. Read the clips: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmTM6zVv.

Finding a New Way to See the World

The St. Albans community celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy through a day of service on Monday followed on Tuesday with a virtual St. Albans-NCS-Beauvoir Cathedral service and a series of Zoom teach-ins for St. Albans and NCS students — on topics ranging from young people creating social change, to food, arts and activism, to soccer as a vehicle for personal growth and community change.

“I Have a Dream”

The Class of 2029 presents an abridged version of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech delivered at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August 1963.

Words of Support

Headmaster Robinson offered words of support at Upper School chapel on January 7, 2021.

Signing Day 2020

Enjoy tributes from STA coaches and students recorded at the Senior Signing Day event.

Hymn Sing 2020

Members of the Class of 2021 gathered together in the All Hallows Guild Amphitheater on a chilly December morning to listen to their favorite hymns, call out selections, and sing along during the annual St. Albans Hymn Sing.

Lessons & Carols

Enjoy the virtual presentation of the Festival of Lessons & Carols.

Christmas Story

Mr. Robinson recently joined C Form’s Blue Cohort to read Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck.

A Holiday Message

Enjoy this holiday message from Headmaster Robinson!

“Profoundly St. Albans”

New Video Offers a Glimpse Inside Our Hybrid School, Fall 2020: Enjoy a peek into life at STA this year. Filmed on two rainy November days, the video follows the red and blue cohorts from the morning symptom-screening to classes (with half the students on campus, half joining on screen from home), chapel, lunch, and sports.

Prayers of the People

Prayer ribbons inscribed with prayers from students for themselves, their families, their community, and the world hang throughout the Little Sanctuary and around campus. May our prayers and hopes send love and healing into the world.

US Admissions Panel

Listen in as students, parents, and teachers share their thoughts of the Upper School in this virtual Admissions video.

Bulldog Bash

Thank you for all of your support for the Bulldog Bash 2020: Live from the Red Carpet! Enjoy the festive scenes from the Car Parade in the STA Hollywood Hills (aka Senior Circle)!


CBA Science teacher JT Miller recently demonstrated how he uses the DTEN monitor in his classroom for hybrid learning.

“Hope and a Future”

At a Lower School chapel service honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, Olinda Robinson shared her personal story of coming to America from El Salvador at age 9. “I feel such gratitude for the opportunities that this amazing country has given me, but also a sense of how much remains to be done,” Mrs. Robinson told the boys. “The task of continuing this story—of including more voices within its reach, of ensuring that more people can find hope and possibility and belonging at our school and in our world—now falls to you.” Enjoy the video.

Visual Arts Fellows 2020

The St. Albans School Parents’ Association is proud to present the 2022 Visual Arts Summer Fellows Exhibition virtually this year. Enjoy images of the students’ artwork and hear about their experiences last summer exploring various art forms.

Animal Blessing 2020

Enjoy scenes from the Lower School Blessing of the Animals with Form C. Many thanks to CBA Art teacher Mr. Nolan for putting together this adorable video!

Opening Day 2020

In his opening day homily, Jason Robinson, offered a message of hope in a difficult time. “These are unusual times... We are indeed living in and beginning the new school year against the backdrop of a profoundly complicated set of challenges that continue to test our resolve, our courage and our adaptive capacities. I know that everyone in our school family ... has been touched in some way by the events of the past six months, whether by the health effects of the pandemic, its economic impacts, or the nation's long-delayed reckoning with racial injustice.”

Climate Control

This summer, the School of Public Service teamed up with STA alumnus Amar Bakshi’s ’02 Shared_Studios to connect high school students to climate activists in East Africa.

An Uplifting Start to Year

In a recent virtual Upper School assembly, the Class of 2021 prefects offered speeches about the year ahead. Despite facing a senior year like none other, each expressed optimism and high hopes for 2020-21 and provided an uplifting start to the school year for students and faculty alike.

Bishop Budde Homily

Enjoy this homily from Bishop Budde, delivered to faculty and staff across the Close before the opening of the unprecedented 2020-21 school year.

Welcome to STA!

Students and faculty share what they love most about St. Albans School.

Racing Toward Their Futures

Godspeed, Gentlemen!

The 111th Commencement

We are blessed—and thrilled—the Class of 2020 was able to experience their Commencement service in the Washington National Cathedral.

A Final Walk Through

The Class of 2020 took a final walk through the St. Albans buildings that played such an important part of their daily lives—a second home for many—before heading to the Cathedral for their Commencement service.

Taking the Class of 2020 Picture

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at taking the class picture in a new setting, the All Hallows Amphitheater, to allow students to abide by the six-foot social distancing requirement.

Honoring Each Graduate

The Senior Comment Ceremony celebrates and honors each graduate’s accomplishments and contributions to St. Albans. Enjoy hearing what the faculty have to say about each student.

Class of 2020 Car Parade

The celebration of the Class of 2020 kicked off with a car parade.

Inspired By His Senior Players

Head Baseball Coach RJ Johnsen gave an emotional tribute honoring his Class of ’20 players and their parents during the end of the season Baseball Senior Day ceremony.

Graduation 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on their graduation from St. Albans School.

Class of 2020 Slideshow Shared at Graduation

Thanks to Raj ’20 and Nolan ’20 for creating this slideshow for the 2020 Virtual Graduation.

Upper School Prize Day 2020

As former Headmaster Jack McCune would say: "When one is honored, all are honored." Congratulations to all.

Cum Laude Honors

Congratulations to the 16 members of the St. Albans Class of 2020 inducted into the Cum Laude Society.

2020 Varsity Sports Highlights

Enjoy the slideshow! Thanks to Varsity Sports Banquet volunteers Tina Namian and Lisa Pavia for creating it.

NCS-STA Performing Arts

We look back on a successful 2019-2020 school year, and to our coordinate performing arts programs that provided many moments to appreciate and celebrate. Enjoy.

Celebrating the Skip Grant Program

Last winter’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Skip Grant Program—a dinner reception attended by hundreds of alumni, current families, and faculty past and present — provided an opportunity to interview several current students, program alumni and leadership, and parents about the program, designed to provide support and guidance to students from backgrounds historically underrepresented at St Albans. 

School Hymn

Enjoy the school hymn, “Men of the Future, Stand,” performed by Jacob ’26 and his cello instructor, Cara Alfano.

15-Minute Workout

Enjoy this 15-minute workout with Head Crew Coach Ted Haley.

Jump Rope Workout

Enjoy this jump rope workout with Head Tennis Coach Karim Najdi.

Lower School Chapel Talk

Enjoy this recent chapel talk from Lower School vestry member Jackson ’24.

COVID Conversation

Renowned epidemiologist Frank M. Snowden ’64 recently discussed the current pandemic with the Headmaster’s Counselors.

Flower Mart

Enjoy this Off-Site Minute about Flower Mart set to a minuet by School Archivist Mark Wilkerson.

Earth Day

Enjoy this Off-Site Minute about Earth Day by School Archivist Mark Wilkerson.

Headmaster's Homily

Enjoy Headmaster Robinson’s homily given at Upper School chapel on April 28, 2020.

Canterbury Tales 2020

Like generations of St. Albans students before them, Form IV boys in Mr. Denny Gonzalez's, Ms. Amanda Licato's, Mrs. Nikki Magaziner Mills, and Mr. Brian Schultz's English II classes memorized the prologue to the Canterbury Tales earlier this year.

Virtual Signing Day 2020

Congratulations to all our student-athletes who have committed to play a sport at the collegiate level next year!

Phi Beta Kappa Day

School Archivist Mark Wilkerson explores the origins of Phi Beta Kappa Day, a discretionary school holiday celebrated at St. Albans in April.

‘Make the World Better for Someone Else’

“Oh, how we miss seeing you here!” cried the Right Rev. Mariann Budde, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, standing alone in an empty Cathedral, offering a special Easter homily that was filmed and shared with the Cathedral schools this week.

Malcolm Pittman

In Loving Memory of Coach Malcolm Pittman.
“To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
-Thomas Campbell

Boys of the Present, Onward!

Enjoy Rev. Leslie Chadwick's homily, Boys of the Present, Onward!, at the Lower Schools first virtual chapel on April 1, 2020.

Greetings from Rev. Sam

Enjoy greetings from Dean of Community Life and Upper Chaplain Rev. Rachelle Sam at the Upper School's first virtual chapel on March 31, 2020.

Welcome to STA!

Enjoy this video for newly admitted students, with current students sharing what they love most about St. Albans School.

Great Migration

Quinton ’26 shares his family’s story through the Great Migration at a special Black history Month chapel.

Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing

Enjoy video of the Lower School singing “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” often referred to as the Black National Anthem, at a special Black History Month chapel.

Celebrating Lunar New Year

Enjoy scenes from a special joint Cathedral service with NCS celebrating the Lunar New Year!

The Power Words

Professor David Blight—Yale historian and author, most recently, of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom—offered an Upper School assembly talk on Douglass and the power of his words. In this clip, Blight explains how he came to understand how Douglass converted “memory into literature, into wisdom, into pain, into the power of the word.

“The Night Before Christmas”

Headmaster Robinson joined Form C students in the Parrott Library to read them a Christmas story, one of the Lower School’s most beloved traditions. Students joined in Mr. Robinson in reading lines from “The Night Before Christmas” and then presented him with his own copy, signed by all the boys in Form C.

Lessons & Carols 2019

Enjoy the Festival of Lessons & Carols service!

Merry Christmas from STA

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from St. Albans! Please enjoy this short video filled with highlights from the fall semester atop the Cathedral Close. Music is provided by Silver Strings (Tom Carroll, Blount Stewart II P’08 P’11, and Paul Loether).

Christmas Medley

Enjoy this Christmas medley performed by Mr. Hansen (piano) and Mr. Wood (trumpet).

“It’s a Punderful Christmas”

Enjoy “It’s A Punderful Christmas: An Ode to the Class of 2020” by Dr. Schofer, who incorporated every senior’s name into this joyful holiday story.

“Joy to the World”

Enjoy Jackets Off performing “Joy to the World.”

Excelcize 2019

Mr. Hansen and Brandon Torng ’20 faced off in an “Excelcise” during Upper School assembly, and a new champion was crowned!

St. Albans Is Home

“St. Albans is both a school of excellence that demands a great deal of our students, and a joyful community of deep connection, support, and belonging.” –Headmaster Jason Robinson

Wishbone Pull 2019

After devouring many pounds of turkey at the Thanksgiving luncheon, Headmaster Robinson and Head Prefect Aidan Stretch ’20 faced off in one of the Upper School’s most beloved traditions: the annual Wishbone Pull. Enjoy the video!

LEGO Robot Field Day 2019

It’s always an exciting day in Mr. Miller’s CBA Science Lab during the annual LEGO Robot Field Day. Each Form A homeroom designed the competition they would pursue and used LEGO parts and a great deal of ingenuity and math to calculate each robot’s movements for the competitions.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Mrs. Olinda Robinson stopped by the Parrott Library to read to C Formers in Ms. Blanford’s Spanish class. Mrs. Robinson spent time getting to know the students before she read Los perros mágicos de los volcanes (The Magic Dogs of the Volcanoes), a book based in El Salvador, her country of origin, from which she moved to Washington, D.C., at age nine. Enjoy the video clip.

Inspiring Actions

Athlete and activist Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah visited the Lower School and shared his inspiring story of growing up with a disability: getting himself to school, learning to play soccer, and biking an astonishing four hundred miles across Ghana to spread his powerful message: disability is not inability.

Blessing of the Animals 2019

With fall comes one of our most beloved chapel services: the Blessing of the Animals. Students and faculty brought in their beloved pets on October 4, for a special blessing in honor of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Enjoy scenes from the adorable Upper School chapel, which had record attendance, with nearly 30 pets participating.

Knowing Every Boy’s Name

Head of Lower School, Fred Chandler continues the long-standing tradition of greeting students with a handshake as they arrive at school. In September he races to learn each new name and then tests himself, giving a $1 coin to any boy whose name he misses.

Look Up from the Trail

In his speech, Class President Will Nash ’20 shared lessons from his summer exchange trip, with fellow prefect Chris Sosnik ’20, to the Czech Republic. There they spent day after day on long strenuous hikes. With his eyes on the rocks and roots beneath his feet, Nash found himself failing to appreciate the beauty of the woods around him. “One of my personal goals is to look up a little more, to live in the moment and enjoy that moment a little more … I urge you to stop and look up from the trail even if it’s just for a couple of seconds. You never know what you’ll see around that next bend,” Nash encouraged the Upper Schoolers. Enjoy this video clip from Will Nash’s speech.

The All-Lower School Photo

Dozens of faculty, lots of patience—and two loud bullhorns—help organize 268 energetic boys for their annual all-Lower School photo on the Pilgrim Steps. Enjoy this glimpse behind the scenes!

STA Philosophy in Action

Prefect Will Carnahan ’20 reflected on how one sentence in the school philosophy relates to his St. Albans experience: “Through precept and example, [students] learn that good character comes from kindness, from an open heart and mind, and from embodying what has become a touchstone of ethical behavior in the school: choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.”

Opening Day 2019

The first day of classes began with St. Albans students, faculty, and parents gathered in Washington National Cathedral for an Opening Day Service. Seniors and C Formers processed into the Cathedral together, providing a striking visual reminder of the transformation boys undergo at St. Albans. “How can one not feel inspired when observing the tender and poignant ritual that just unfolded before us, watching our oldest students walk into the National Cathedral with the youngest students, our C Formers tradition? It truly is a heartwarming and lovely way to start the new year,” noted Headmaster Robinson.

Directions to STA Admissions

Finding your way from the Cathedral Garage to our campus can be challenging, which is why we asked a few recent graduates to show prospective students and their families the way to the Admissions Office.

Gilded in Gold

Over the years, the names of our graduates have been inscribed, in gold leaf, on the walls of the Cafritz Refectory. This year, we peeked behind the curtain to see how the delicate work unfolds. Please enjoy this video, and join us in congratulating men of the future, the St. Albans Class of 2019!

Will Carnahan ’20

In his prefect election speech, Will Carnahan ’20 speaks of his transition to the Upper School at St. Albans. After encountering some difficulties, a thoughtful conversation with his dad encouraged him to try to make small contributions to the St. Albans community each day. Sharing a smile, asking a classmate about his day, helping a friend with homework—Will makes a positive impact on the everyday life of the school and will continue to do so as a Senior Class Prefect.

Will Nash ’20

In his prefect election speech about the uniqueness of St. Albans, Will Nash ’20 discussed his first experience at the Tea Club. The club, founded just last year by Dan Huynh ’19 and Upper School Spanish Teacher Clara Rivera, samples teas, biscuits, and scones from a variety of regions. Nash outlines how even though the school contains students with a wide array of interests and talents—“scholars, athletes, musicians, linguists, thespians, artists, mathematicians, and writers”—all the boys are part of one family.

Chris Sosnik ’20

Chris Sosnik ’20 talks about the St. Albans community, and how, despite the challenges he faced, that community allowed him to grow. Drawing on Mr. Hansen’s often-repeated advice, Sosnik explained how with patience and the support of friends, faculty, and others around the school, everyone—musicians, athletes, scholars, and artists—can find their place in the community.

Aidan Stretch ’20

Aidan Stretch ’20 discusses two core values at St. Albans: integrity and love. To illustrate integrity, he shared a story of a boy’s honesty about a test score. He also told about a lacrosse game where, even in defeat, the Bulldogs showed each other tremendous love and support. Both these stories, Stretch said, depict the brotherhood shared by students.

Brandon Torng ’20

Brandon Torng ’20 speaks about his experience joining the St. Albans community as a new freshman. Coming from a large public middle school, despite a period of transition and change, he found a family at St. Albans, a brotherhood that has helped him grow, mature, and learn. He wishes to strengthen this brotherhood as a senior leader, guiding those who follow the same path behind him.

Celebrating Our Newest Alums

And a few seconds later, the first out circled back to celebrate with the last.

Congrats, to the Class of 2019!

The first graduates of the Class of 2019 burst out of the Cathedral.

The 110th Commencement

US Prize Day 2019

Upper School Prize Day was held on June 7, 2019, in the Washington National Cathedral.

CBA Science 2018-19

Enjoy a video highlighting Mr. Miller’s CBA Science classes for 2018-19.

STA Class of 2019

As we prepare to celebrate the Class of 2019 and their achievements, join us for a trip down memory lane. It’s been a remarkable year!

Lower School Life 2018-19

Lower School Highlights

Many thanks to Form B teacher Erl Houston for capturing so many Lower School memories.

Final Lower School Chapel for Form II

Form II “men of the future” stood and processed out of their last Lower School chapel this morning as underclassmen and teachers sang the school hymn. (Note: today is a free dress day.)

Last Chapel Walk for Class of 2019

Following tradition, Headmaster Jason Robinson joined members of the Class of 2019 as they walked to the Little Sanctuary in silence for their final Upper School chapel service on May 23, 2019.

Honoring Student-Athletes

The Varsity Sports Banquet honors our student-athletes in Forms III-VI. Enjoy highlights of the 2018-19 year in Bulldog athletics, including IAC Championship wins, official team pictures, action shots, and memorable moments from each varsity sport.

C, B, & A End-of-Year Concert

Enjoy the performance from the C, B, & A End-of-Year Concert in the Lower School Music Room.

Headmaster Robinson Meets with Form II

Headmaster Jason Robinson hosted a town hall meeting for Form II, offering advice to the students as approach the end of the school year and begin contemplating life in the Upper School. “Everyone will be new to the Upper School next year, whether you’ve been at St. Albans since C Form or B Form or A Form or are coming in brand new in ninth grade,” Robinson reminded the boys. “I think it’s an exciting opportunity to begin to define what you want this newly composed class to stand for as you make your way through the Upper School.” Enjoy the headmaster’s remarks about the transition to Upper School.

Reunion Weekend: Rockets Away!

The Classes of ’4s and ’9s returned to STA for a wonderful reunion weekend! Thank you to the many alumni who volunteered and returned to STA to make Reunion Weekend 2019 a success! Enjoy these scenes from reunions; an exhibition of alumni art; and video clips of the rocket launches.

An Outward-Looking Institution

With the school embarking on a new strategic planning process, Mr. Robinson described to alumni over reunion weekend his vision for how the school might develop and thrive in the future. “St. Albans would be an even better school if we sought more engagement with the world. That should be right at the heart of our mission–to be an outward-looking institution,” noted Robinson. Enjoy the video.

The Soul of STA

Over reunion weekend, Headmaster Jason Robinson shared with alumni his first impressions of St. Albans, recounting two stories that provide a window into the soul of the school. “What is it about this amazing school that gives … such a lifelong transformational impact on its graduates?... What is it about St. Albans that leaves this lasting impression?” asked Robinson. “I think I am beginning to have a sense of what that’s about …. Because of our culture, because of our chapel requirement, because of our sense of community, I think we get boys reflecting from a very young age about questions of ultimate meaning and purpose and significance.” Enjoy the video.

Forms I & II Coordinate Concert

Sounds and scenes from the Forms I & II / Grades 7 & 8 Coordinate Concert in the National Cathedral.

The Many Reasons for a Free Dress Day!

Why are Lower Schoolers in free dress today? Mr. Chandler and the prefects came up with a long list of reasons, which were read during lunch announcements yesterday. Happy Spring Break!

Some of the Best Things About STA

Enjoy clips of the STA student panel speaking at the New Family Reception.

Blessing of the Bricks!

The choristers offered a choral rendition of “Everything Is Awesome” at a Cathedral event celebrating the “groundbreaking” for an 8-foot tall replica of the Cathedral made of LEGOs. The construction of the largest LEGO Cathedral in the world is part of a fundraising effort to support the Cathedral’s rebuilding after the 2011 earthquake. Charles Fulcher, director of visitor programs at the Cathedral, said he hoped the multi-year, 400,000+ LEGO brick project will also encourage visitors to engage more fully and “look more deeply” at the Cathedral. #LegoCathedral

Ringing in Announcements

With Form VI off campus enjoying Senior Skip Day, the Form V class president Will Nash ’20 started off today’s lunch announcements by ringing the refectory bell — to much applause from underclassmen.

Healthy Habits for Success

Athletic Trainer Deanna Smith offered Lower Schoolers a simple but persuasive lesson on health and nutrition at a recent assembly. Smith focused on three habits that can lead to success at St. Albans: getting eight hours of sleep each night, staying hydrated, and eating well. Noting the mental and physical effects of sleep—which can affect injury prevention and recovery, memory and decision making, and stress levels and mood—Smith said: “I hope boys will say, If there are simple things I can do to make me better on the field or on a test, why wouldn’t I do them?”

Festival of Lessons & Carols

Enjoy the annual NCS and St. Albans Festival of Lessons and Carols in Washington National Cathedral. The service, dating to the late 19th century, features readings from the New Testament centered around the birth and life of Jesus. Each reading is followed by prayers and musical and artistic offerings by choirs, instrumental groups, and dancers. In all, more than 600 students from each school perform each year. 

Chapel Hymn Sing

The last chapel before winter break is a favorite service for Upper Schoolers, one filled with music, as boys select their favorite hymns and raise their voices in celebration at the annual St. Albans Christmas Hymn Sing.

Holiday Story Time

Form A, Rockin’

Form A had a Rockin’ performance at the C, B, & A Holiday Concert.

C, B, & A Holiday Concert

Lower Schoolers helped ring in the season at the C, B, & A Holiday Concert.

A Thanksgiving Wishbone Pull

Headmaster Jason Robinson challenged Senior Prefect Harrison Grigorian ’19 to a wishbone pull at the Thanksgiving luncheon today. The stakes were high—a free dress day in the Upper School. Enjoy the video!

Celebrating SPS

Not long after Headmaster Vance Wilson arrived at St. Albans, he created the School of Public Service (SPS), a four-week residential summer program to introduce high school students from around the country (and the globe) to the world of public policy and public service in the nation’s capital. Shortly before Mr. Wilson’s retirement, SPS alumni, faculty, board members, and students gathered at the Australian Embassy to celebrate the first 17 years of this successful program.

St. Albans School of Public Service

The St. Albans School of Public Service (SPS) lasts only four weeks each summer, but our students describe it as "life-changing." The School of Public Service is a unique program that brings 40-45 rising high school seniors from all over the United States and the world to the heart of Washington, D.C., where they undertake an in-depth exploration of government, politics, and public service.

The Thrill of the Stanley Cup at STA

It was a great day to be a Bulldog when the Stanley Cup came to visit. Many thanks to STA alum Don Fishman ’87, assistant general manager for the Washington Capitals, who shared the thrill of the Cup with us!

Headmaster Robinson's Installation Homily

Robinson Installation Service

On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, Jason F. Robinson was installed as the eighth headmaster of St. Albans School and Canon of Washington National Cathedral.

Behind the Lower School Photo

It takes dozens of Lower School teachers working behind the scenes to organize 259 boys—and to get them to stand still long enough—for that one perfect photo. The hard work paid off; it took less than 30 minutes.

Opening Day Homily

Headmaster Jason Robinson, in his first homily to our wider community, encouraged students always “to choose the good—to live one’s life within the light and grace of the highest truths” and, borrowing words familiar to generations of St. Albans graduates, “to choose the hard right over the easy wrong.”

Opening Day Cathedral Service

The first day of classes began with St. Albans students, faculty, and parents gathered in Washington National Cathedral for an Opening Service. Seniors and C Formers processed into the Cathedral together—providing a striking visual reminder of the transformation boys undergo at St. Albans.

Class of 2018 Tribute

After receiving their diplomas, the Chorale seniors began the school hymn, joined by fellow members of the Class of 2018 to rise as one cohesive voice and to share the joy of the tight-knit bonds developed as St. Albans students.

Final Charge

Following the 109th Commencement Service, the Class of 2018 charged forth from the Cathedral - diplomas in hand - no longer as students, but now as alumni of St. Albans.

The 109th Commencement

The 109th Commencement of St. Albans celebrated the 78 boys in the Class of 2018 on June 9th, 2018.

Prize Day 2018

Upper School Prize Day was held on June 8th, 2018, in the Washington National Cathedral.

Life in the Lower School

Enjoy Form B teacher Erl Houston’s photos from a spectacular year in the Lower School, which includes a trip down memory lane for the Class of 2022 and retiring faculty members!

A Final Chapel Walk for 2018

The Class of 2018 and Headmaster Vance Wilson walked to the Little Sanctuary in silence for their final chapel service, May 24, 2018, where Mr. Wilson delivered the closing homily.

Headmaster Wilson’s Retirement

On Thursday, May 17, we gathered in Washington National Cathedral to celebrate Vance Wilson and his nineteen years of service to St. Albans School. You can also view photos from the evening and Mr. Wilson’s tenure.

A Riot of Color and Patterns

On February 28, Lower Schoolers were encouraged to think outside the dress code and wear their boldest, most Fred Chandler-friendly attire, in honor of our Head of Lower School’s birthday. Bright, clashing colors and patterns were encouraged!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Lower Schoolers experienced good fortune when the Jow Ga Shaolin Institute visited St. Albans to perform an ancient Lion Dance. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the Lion Dance chases away evil spirits and ghosts. Dancers dress in lion costumes to signify the creature’s courage, stability, and superiority; the movements of the head and mouth are mimicked to bring longevity and vitality as the tail sweeps away bad fortune and unpleasantness from the past year. Students had the chance to bring additional good luck by “feeding” the lion with red envelopes of lucky money.

C Form’s Dream

C Form students gathered in the Little Sanctuary to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by reciting his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Teachers Tim Brockway, Kristin Elliott, and Lauren Goodyear said, “Our intention is for the boys to understand Dr. King’s message of social justice and the power of working together for positive change.”

A Trip to the North Pole

Headmaster Wilson continues his favorite St. Albans holiday tradition of reading aloud to Form C students The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. Enjoy the video.

A Favorite Form C Tradition

One of Headmaster Wilson’s favorite St. Albans holiday traditions is reading aloud to Form C students in the Parrott Library. 

Festival of Lessons & Carols

Enjoy the annual NCS and St. Albans Festival of Lessons and Carols in Washington National Cathedral.

A Joyful Noise!

Forms C, B, and A presented their annual holiday concert in Trapier Theater on December 12. Students provided lots of holiday cheer with traditional Christmas songs, a timely Hanukkah song (on the first day of the holiday), and festive songs from various parts of the world. Enjoy the concert!

Thanksgiving Wishbone Pull

Headmaster Vance Wilson challenges Senior Prefect Christian Potter ’18 to a wishbone pull at the annual Thanksgiving lunch. Enjoy the video.

Homecoming Kickoff!

Lower Schoolers kicked off Homecoming by racing onto the field before the soccer game. Looking forward to a great weekend!

The Challenge of 256 Names

Following in the tradition of Paul Herman, Lower School Head Fred Chandler challenged himself to learn the name of all 256 Lower Schoolers during the first month of school. Yesterday morning, he put himself to the test—with a pocket of one dollar coins to award any boy whose name he failed to remember. The boys turned out in full force, with the entire Lower School in attendance. Undaunted, Mr. Chandler went home with his pockets still full of coins, and each boy greeted–and named—correctly.

Lower School Photo (2017)

Each September, Lower School students gather on the Pilgrim Steps beside the Cathedral for a group photo. In the photo, which will eventually hang in the Lower School lobby, the boys stand tall—and still. Behind the scenes, it’s a different scene, with teachers shouting instructions and even using a bullhorn siren to line up an apparent beehive of boys.

Opening Service

The 109th school year began with the traditional Opening Cathedral Service on September 6, 2017. In his homily, Headmaster Vance Wilson said to the students, "You are called to this school to care for each other and take that caring into the world around us."


STA Names New Head of School

At an early morning gathering in the Little Sanctuary, Governing Board Chair Maria Donoghue Velleca announced today that Jason F. Robinson will be the eighth headmaster of St. Albans School, succeeding Vance Wilson in July 2018.
You can read more at STA Names New Head of School.

The Beauty of St. Albans Traditions

The Alumni Office was fortunate to have several members of the Class of 2017 interning with us over the summer. One of their projects was to produce a short video that celebrates St. Albans and the unique traditions that make it such a wonderful place to teach and to learn.

A Race Toward Their Future

The Class of 2017 entered the Washington National Cathedral as students and exited as lifelong alumni. Godspeed, Gentlemen!

Commencement Tribute

After the last diploma was handed out at Commencement, members of the Class of 2018 joined together to sing Men of the Future, Stand in a moving tribute to St. Albans School.

The 108th Commencement

St. Albans School celebrated the 108th Commencement for the Class of 2017 on June 10, 2017.

Prize Day 2017

Upper School Prize Day services were held on Friday, June 9, in the Washington National Cathedral.

The Class of 2017 “Year in Review”

Each year, members of the graduating class are asked to create a slideshow to play on the Cathedral monitors before the Commencement service begins. Enjoy their look back at their Form VI year.

A Celebration of the Lower School

Erl Houston, B Form teacher, offered a special end-of-the-year slideshow at the final chapel service, May 26. Said Mr. Houston: “This show is meant to be a celebration of what we do and therefore who we are, both as a community and as individuals. I hope that in these photos you will see a reflection of your school year - a year brimming with friendship, joy, reflection, growth, and hard work.”

Class of 2017 Chapel Walk

Members of the senior class walked in silence to the last chapel service of the year on May 25. Doug Boswell, associate athletic director, delivered the closing chapel homily.

STA Athletics “Year in Review”

A "Year in Review" slideshow of St. Albans athletics, shown at the Varsity Athletics banquet, May 24, 2017.

Fire Away!

The winds were perfect to shatter records on Steuart Field during the thirty-fifth annual St. Albans Physics Catapult Contest on May 24. Students in Physics and AP Physics were challenged to design and construct a catapult for either distance or precision. Congratulations to Ryan Friberg ’17 and Ryan Hennessey ’17, who used their knowledge of pulleys to engineer an elastic-powered impact catapult that hurtled their racquetball 58 meters, which obliterated the previous record set in 2013, by 11 meters. Upper School physics teacher Will Segal ’00 said, “Speaking in technical terms, their racquetball went super duper far.”

Performing Arts “Year in Review”

An exciting year of NCS-STA Upper School student performances in dance, music and theater. Enjoy the Performing Arts “Year in Review” slideshow, shown at the Performing Arts banquet, May 23.

Rube Goldberg Showcase

It was an amazing display of creativity and inventiveness at the St. Albans Lower School Science Week. Here are a few highlights from the Form I Rube Goldberg Machines Showcase. Rob Wolfe, Form I Science teacher, said “the boys worked hard for weeks building these machines, they learned a lot about engineering and team work in the process. Even when the project didn’t work as planned, the boys learned to fix the problems by communicating and working together.”

Fred Chandler Day Declared

In honor of Mr. Chandler’s birthday, Headmaster Vance Wilson declared February 28 to be Fred Chandler Day, when all are encouraged to wear their best and brightest clothes - Madras and bowties included! Enjoy the video, and Happy Birthday, Mr. Chandler!

Form C Has A Dream

Form C students gathered in the Washington National Cathedral on January 18, to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by reciting his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Lauren Goodyear, Form C teacher, said “When kids learn words by heart, they internalize and own the meaning. Our intention is for the boys to embrace Dr. King’s message of social justice, brotherhood, and love.”

Hymn Sing

Upper School students and teachers gathered together in the Little Sanctuary to raise their voices in celebration by singing favorite hymns during the annual St. Albans Hymn Sing. Enjoy the sounds of this much-loved chapel tradition.

Lessons & Carols

If you couldn't make it to the annual Festival of Lessons and Carols on December 15, we've posted it online. Enjoy this special holiday service.

Lower School Carol Sing

For more than 100 years, boys and teachers have gathered together to sing Christmas carols at St. Albans. Listen in as Mark Wilkerson, Form B teacher and school archivist, gives a history lesson on the importance of this tradition and the first service of Lessons and Carols, as the Lower School community sings together once again.

LEGO Robot Field Day (2016)

Form A science students have been hard at work learning engineering and coding skills to build robots designed to compete in the annual LEGO Robot Field Day. The first challenge - the Egg Race.

Lower School Name Game

In a tradition started by Alfred True when he became Head of the Lower School in 1931, current Lower School Head Fred Chandler set out to learn the names of all 262 boys in Forms C through II. On October 13, he faced the ultimate test to know the name of each boy he greeted in front of the True-Lucas Building. At stake, a golden $1 coin for each one missed. Enjoy the challenge!

The All-Lower School Photo

On Friday, September 23, all 250 Lower School boys gathered on the Pilgrim Steps for their annual all-Lower School photo. It took about 30 minutes to organize the Lower Schoolers and get the boys still long enough for the photo. Join us as we take a look backward to the one picture perfect moment. Enjoy the pandemonium!

Opening Day

The 2016-17 school year began with the traditional Opening Cathedral Service on September 7. In his homily, Headmaster Vance Wilson encouraged students to assume the best of others.

Favorite moments at St. Albans?

Please enjoy this video created by the Alumni Office interns (all of whom are members of the Class of 2016) about a few of their favorite moments at St. Albans last year.

Memories in the STA Dorm

Richard Figueroa ’14 shares his views on the importance of living in the St. Albans Dormitory.

The 107th Commencement

The 107th St. Albans School Commencement for the Class of 2016 was held on Saturday, June 4 at 1 pm, in the Washington National Cathedral. Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Prize Day 2016, Upper School

St. Albans School held the Upper School Prize Day service on June 3, 2016, in the Washington National Cathedral.

A Service Honoring Mr. Herman

On May 12, 2016, more than 1,000 students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff gathered in the Washington National Cathedral to celebrate Lower School Head Paul Herman in a service in Thanksgiving for his 44 years of dedicated service at St. Albans School.

106th Field Day Tugs-of-War

Check out the tugs-of-war from the 106th Blue-White Field Day!

106th Blue-White Field Day

The Lower School boys charged Steuart Field at 9:30 a.m. on May 11, for the 106th Blue-White Field Day, the first on our new athletic fields.

A Running Legacy

On Wednesday, March 16, 2016, St. Albans hosted its first home track and field meet in nearly 50 years! According to school archivist Mark Wilkerson, STA hosted its last home track meet in 1969. Thanks to the generous donations from the STRIVE Campaign, STA now has a state-of-the-art, 400-meter track, with superb field venues. Enjoy the video!

Paul Herman's Running Club

On Friday, April 29, the entire Lower School, the Herman family, and former faculty and students surprised Mr. Herman with a special Running Club. Mr. Herman has served the Lower School for 44 years. In his 26 years as the head, we estimate he's spent 832 Fridays with thousands of boys running nearly 150,000 miles. Many thanks to the parents, faculty, staff, and students who helped pull off this memorable surprise and to the Parents' Association for sponsoring the event. Congratulations, Mr. Herman!

Form A Balloon Launch

Form A science students traveled to Gettysburg College on May 5, eager to launch their science experiments into the upper atmosphere using high-altitude weather balloons. By all accounts, the launch was a success! Enjoy the video.

Form A LEGO Robot Field Day

Form A’s work building and programming LEGO robots culminated in a lively Robot Field Day, with each of Mr. Miller’s classes participating in a different competition: the Soccer Goal Shoot Out, the Rectangle Race, and the Sprint There and Back. Enjoy the video by C-B-A science teacher and film director J.T. Miller!

The 106th Commencement

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

All-Lower School Photo

On Friday, September 18, 2015, all 250 Lower School boys gathered on the Pilgrim Steps for their annual all-Lower School photo. It only took twenty minutes to organize the Lower Schoolers for that one perfect photo. Enjoy the mayhem!

Headmaster's Lecture Series

The Courage of Our Mistakes

As part of the Headmaster’s Lecture Series on Empathy and Ethical Decision-Making, the Rev. Dan Heischman, former Upper School head and assistant headmaster of St. Albans, spoke about failure and mistakes. Heischman suggested that if we have the courage to face our mistakes, they can provide a "precious" learning opportunity. "We can actually make them work for us."

Rev. Daniel R. Heischman

What Distinguishes an Episcopal School?

The Rev. Dan Heischman, executive director of the National Association of Episcopal Schools and our former Upper School head and assistant headmaster, shared key characteristics of an Episcopal school, in a September 2015 lecture at St. Albans.

Jonathan Ogden '92 Presents NFL Golden Football

At the varsity football game against Landon on November 14, St. Albans welcomed back NFL Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman Jonathan Ogden '92 for a special presentation of an NFL Commemorative Golden Football. This golden football is part of the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll Program that celebrates high schools and communities that have contributed to Super Bowl history. We congratulate Mr. Ogden on his many career accomplishments and thank him for his contributions to St. Albans School. Enjoy the video of the ceremony. Go, Dogs!

Dr. Wilhelm Verwoerd

Dr. Wilhelm Verwoerd spoke to STA and NCS students about his family’s legacy of Apartheid and his life’s work to counteract this cycle of suffering and violence by reaching out to those on the other side of the conflict.

Taking the All-Lower School Photo

It only took twenty minutes to organize the Lower Schoolers for the perfect all-school picture… Enjoy the mayhem!

STA Battle Of The Books

On September 12, 2014, the entire Lower School gathered in Trapier Theater for the annual Battle of the Books. Divided into two teams—the Bulldogs and the Saints—the boys were quizzed on the various books that each Form read over the summer. Watch to see who won this hard fought competition.

Q&A with Ted Eagles ’54

At the Feb. 11, 2014, Parents’ Association meeting, Parents’ Association President Tom Billington ’82 conducted a Q&A with alumnus and economics teacher Ted Eagles ’54 and seniors Thomas Boley ’14 and James Reston ’14. The conversation focused on the school Eagles attended, the school he returned to as a teacher in the 1970s, and the school today.

STA Salutes Alfred Randall True

In 1977, Stuart Dunnan ’77 interviewed various members of the St. Albans community about Mr. True. There was commentary from Stanley D. Willis ’46, Upper School master and English teacher; Earl R. “Doc” Arnds, Upper School math teacher, Mr. Alfred R. True himself, Mrs. M. Virginia Martin, who served as the Lower School receptionist for more than 50 years; John C. Davis, Upper School master; and Canon Charles C. Martin, Headmaster from 1949 to 1977.

STA Launches High-Altitude Weather Balloon Program

STA students will soon be exploring the world from new heights. Several faculty members participated in an all-day training to learn how to use high altitude weather balloons and implement them into the science curriculum. Working with a representative from the education company StratoStar, science teachers Rob Wolfe, J.T. Miller, Brian O’Malley, Will Segal ’00, Steve Wheeler ’95, and Form A homeroom teacher John Stephany launched a tethered balloon with a camera attached to take pictures of St. Albans and the Cathedral from 150 feet in the air. Later this year, students will be sending weather balloons to 90,000 feet with HD cameras and with experiments they designed.

32nd Annual Physics Egg Drop

Mr. Segal’s Form V and VI classes participated in the 32nd Annual Physics Egg Drop on December 17, 2013. With a limited budget of paper and drinking straws, as well as an unlimited supply of Scotch tape, students created their ideal containers to cradle their eggs from the 50-ft. drop off Frist Terrace onto Decker Terrace. There was a high survival rate among eggs this year, and, as always, the event was highly attended by the STA community. Dr. Robert Morse, who began this beloved St. Albans tradition and created the contraption from which eggs are dropped, was in attendance to help judge the designs and outcomes. Eggcellent job, boys!

Athletic Field Construction Update

We have made tremendous progress on our athletic fields project. Director of Capital Projects Mike Carline gives an up-close glimpse of what is to come.

Life Lessons Learned on the STA Athletic Fields

“It’s not how many times you fall down—it’s how many times you get up. … The great things in life take a tremendous amount of persistence, vision, and purpose.”
—Nick Lowery ’74, Former Placekicker for the Kansas City Chiefs

STA Celebrates Jonathan Ogden ’92

St. Albans welcomed Jonathan Ogden ’92, who was recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A Hometown Hall of Fame ceremony was held in his honor on Friday, September 20, 2013, in the Martin Gym. Ogden was greeted by his family, former coaches, teammates, the entire STA community, and was recognized for his legendary career as a lineman with the Baltimore Ravens, the foundation of which, began at St. Albans.

A Century in the Making

A look at what makes St. Albans such a special school.

All-Lower School Photo (2013)

A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to organize the annual St. Albans Lower School photo.

STA Science Fair 2013

On April 23-24, 2013, the 57th Annual St. Albans Lower School Science Fair was in full swing in the Activities Gym with boys in Forms C, B, A, I, and II presenting their most inventive projects, which ran the gamut from taste tests on real vs. substitute sugars to a working reverse osmosis desalinization plant. As in years past, the Lower School science faculty, with the help of an army of volunteer judges including AP Science students, current and past parents, alumni, and local scientists, awarded medals and honorable mentions for the top projects.

Headmaster's Lecture Series

As part of the Headmaster’s Lecture Series on the World at Mid-Century, Dr. Anthony Fauci shared his views on future scientific and health challenges in his lecture “The Perpetual Challenge of Infectious Diseases.” Dr. Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health and a leading contributor in research in the areas of HIV/AIDS and other immunodeficiency disorders.

Retirement Service for Paul Barrett

St. Albans celebrated the vocation of teaching at a Cathedral service in honor of Associate Headmaster, Head of Upper School, and English teacher Paul Barrett on May 23, 2013.

Headmaster's Lecture Series

Renowned civil rights leader, Julian Bond, a featured guest speaker in the inaugural Headmaster’s Lecture Series on "Civil War to Civil Rights" spoke with the St. Albans Community on April 4, 2013. Mr. Bond is a distinguished professor in residence at American University, retired professor of history at the University of Virginia, and former chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Headmaster's Lecture Series

The Headmaster’s Lecture Series on Civil War and Civil Rights featured guest speaker Professor Chandra Manning on January 3, 2013. The lecture topic “Civil War Contraband Camps, Emancipation, and the Reinvention of the American People.” Professor Manning, an associate professor of history at Georgetown University, is the co-director of the Georgetown Workshop in 19th Century U.S. History, and the author of the award-winning book What This Cruel War Was Over: Soldiers, Slavery, and the Civil War.

Headmaster's Lecture Series (Part 2)

The second half of Professor Chandra Manning's lecture “Civil War Contraband Camps, Emancipation, and the Reinvention of the American People.”

Headmaster's Lecture Series

Yale Professor David Blight offered the inaugural talk in the Headmaster's Lecture Series, Civil War and Civil Rights, on December 13, 2012. Lecture topic: “From Emancipation to Civil Rights and Beyond: Legacies of the Civil War at 150 Years.” Professor David Blight is a professor of American history and the director of the Gilder-Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance & Abolition at Yale University.

Dr. Paul V. Piazza - Retirement Celebration

After 40 years of teaching at St. Albans School, Associate Headmaster Dr. Paul V. Piazza will retire at the end of the 2010-2011 academic year. A Cathedral service of celebration to honor Dr. Piazza's four decades at St. Albans was held on Thursday, May 26, 2011, in the Washington National Cathedral.

Centennial Political Roundtable 2008 (Part I)

St. Albans hosts distinguished alumni as well as past and present parents in the National Cathedral for a political discussion with the St. Albans community.

Centennial Political Roundtable 2008 (Part II)

St. Albans hosts distinguished alumni as well as past and present parents in the National Cathedral for a political discussion with the St. Albans community.

Centennial Political Roundtable 2008 (Part III)

St. Albans hosts distinguished alumni as well as past and present parents in the National Cathedral for a political discussion with the St. Albans community.

Marriott Hall Groundbreaking Ceremony (2007)

Headmaster Vance Wilson speaks to the community at the Marriott Hall Groundbreaking ceremony in 2007.

Located in Washington D.C.,  St. Albans School is a private, all boys day and boarding school. For more than a century, St. Albans has offered a distinctive educational experience for young men in grades 4 through 12. While our students reach exceptional academic goals and exhibit first-rate athletic and artistic achievements, as an Episcopal school we place equal emphasis upon moral and spiritual education.