Headmaster's Counselors

Mr. Charles S. Abell (Charles) ’87, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. John M. Ackerly (John) '93, Washington, DC
Mr. Hara H. Amdemariam (Hara) ’92, New York, NY
Mr. Norman B. Asher (Norm) '73, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. William B. Asher Jr. (Bill) ’66, Weston, MA
Mr. Geoffrey B. Baker (Geoffrey), Washington, DC
Mr. Paul R. Barrett (Paul), Bethesda, MD
Mr. John B. Bellinger III (John) '78, Arlington, VA
The Rev. William P. Billow Jr. (Will), Barboursville, VA
Mr. Joshua B. Bolten (Josh) '72, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. Randall C. Bolten (Randy) ’70, Glenbrook, NV
Mr. Patrick J. Bracewell (Patrick) '98, Washington, DC
Mr. Austin Branson (Austin) ’00, Washington, DC
Mr. Arturo E. Brillembourg (Arturo) '00, Washington, DC
Dr. John L. Chamberlain III (Jack) '49, Washington, DC
Mr. George T. Chopivsky III (George) '93, Washington, DC
Mr. Mukang Cho (Mukang) '92, Washington, DC
Mr. Richard H. Chow (Richard) ’79, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Eli A. Cohen (Eli) ’96, Washington, DC
Mr. Nicholas F. Coward (Nick) ’72, Alexandria, VA
Mr. Paul B. Cromelin (Paul) '72, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. Theodore J. Downey (Teddy) '00, Washington, DC
Mr. Thomas A. Duckenfield III (Tom) ’82, Washington, DC
Mr. Douglas M. Dunnan (Doug) ’73, Rye, NY
Mr. Edward P. Eagles (Ted) '54, Washington, DC
Mr. W. Harrison Frist Jr. (Harrison) ’02, New York, NY
Mr. Cary C. Fuller (Cary) ’60, Port Chester, NY
Mr. Robert P. Gabriel (Bob) ’80, Washington, DC
Mr. James W. Gilchrist (Jim) '83, Rockville, MD
Mr. Robert A. Gingell Jr. (Rob) ’72, Sunnyvale, CA
Mr. Oliver Grant (Skip), Silver Spring, MD
Mr. John Christopher Groobey (Chris) ’83, Annapolis, MD
Mr. Robert T. Hamlin (Rob) '78, Falls Church, VA
Mr. Charles W. Harkless (Charles) '84, New York, NY
Mr. Maurice K. Heartfield III (Chip) ’73, Bethesda, MD
Lt. Col. Harry M. Jones, USA (Ret.) (Harry) ’62, Burke, VA
Mr. Nicholas R. Lee (Nick) '95, New York, NY
Mr. Peter M. Lee (Peter) '90, Washington, DC
Mr. Alexander C. Lindsey (Lex) ’67, Seattle, WA
Mr. Jeffrey B. Maletta (Jeff) '71, Washington, DC
Dr. William M. Manger (Bill) ’40, New York, NY
Mr. Robert E. Marks (Rob) ’69, Greenwich, CT
Mr. Christian T. Miles (Christian) ’72, Washington, DC
Mrs. Julie S. Miller (Julie), Bethesda, MD
Mr. Evan B. Morgan (Evan) '03, Washington, DC
Ms. Lise Murphy (Lise), Washington, DC
Mr. Jonathan J. M. Nobil (Jon) '02, Washington, DC
Mr. Nels P. Nordquist (Nels) ’86, Alexandria, VA
Mr. G. Ogden Nutting (Ogden) ’52, Wheeling, WV
Mr. Lawrence B. O'Connor Jr. (Renny) '61, Falls Church, VA
Mr. John M. Packman (John) ’76, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Dennis I. Paul Jr. (Dennis) ’91, New York, NY
Dr. Paul Piazza (Paul), Washington, DC
Mr. Willem L. Polak (Willem) '63, Glen Echo, MD
Mr. Justin M. Purnell (Justin) ’96, New York, NY
Dr. Patrick M. Redmond (Pat) '64, Strafford, HN
Mr. Richard B. Ruge (Richard) ’59, Washington, DC
Mr. Luke Orth Russert (Luke) '04, Washington, DC
Mr. Henry F. Schoellkopf (Henry), Bethesda, MD
Mr. Richard H. Schoenfeld (Dick) ’76, Bethesda, MD
Mr. Robert R. Scholz (Bob) '60, Washington, DC
Mr. Douglas S. Selin (Doug) ’81, New York, NY
Mr. Zachary K. Shipley (Zach) ’70, Palm Beach, FL
Mr. John C. Siciliano (John) ’72, San Marino, CA
Mr. John C. Siegler (John) ’73, Seattle, WA
Mr. Douglas L. Siegler (Doug) '79, Bethesda, MD
Mr. X. Blake Sparrow (Blake) '00, Takoma Park, MD
Mr. Brendan V. Sullivan III (Brendan) '93, Washington, DC
Mr. Howard L. Vickery II (Howard) ’66, Westport, CT
Mr. Adam T. Vitarello (Adam) '00, Washington, DC
Mr. Christian S. White (Chris) '63, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. Andrew W. Wilson (Andrew) '74, New York, NY
Mr. James B. Wolcott II (J.B.)'95, Bradenton, FL
Located in Washington D.C.,  St. Albans School is a private, all boys day and boarding school. For more than a century, St. Albans has offered a distinctive educational experience for young men in grades 4 through 12. While our students reach exceptional academic goals and exhibit first-rate athletic and artistic achievements, as an Episcopal school we place equal emphasis upon moral and spiritual education.