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Alumni in the News

CharlesBergen81Washington Post columnist John Kelly reports on local architect and artist Charles Bergen ’81 and his work to memorialize several area women by creating bas relief portraits of them to be included in old fire department call boxes located around D.C.


Brian Wallach ’99 was recently featured on NBC’s Sunday Closer for the work he’s doing through his organization, I AM ALS, to find a cure for the progressive neurodegenerative disease.

Bill Marriott ’50 is blogging about a new biography: Bill Marriott: Success Is Never Final, by Dale Van Atta. Marriott sat for more than 100 hours of interviews with Van Atta, and the result, he says, “is something very personal.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Stripe Inc.—a fintech (financial tech) company that creates software allowing businesses (including Airbnb and Lyft) to accept money online—was recently valued at $35 billion, making it one of the highest-priced startups in the United States. Stripe’s Chief Product Officer Will Gaybrick ’03 told the Wall Street Journal: “Stripe is more than ever a bet on the internet as an economic engine.”

Bloomberg's Money Undercover interviewed Willy Walker ’85, chairman and CEO of Walker & Dunlop, on the commercial real estate market. Asked where he sees the biggest opportunities today, Walker replied: “Industrial has obviously been a very significant sector … but if you look across the board at publicly-traded REITs right now, all of them are trading extremely well, and it’s not sector-specific, and so whether it is multi-family, whether its industrial or office, all of those REITs are showing extremely good value today and I think that’s reflective of the overall commercial real estate market.”

Danny Hultzen '08
Congratulations to Danny Hultzen ’08, who made his Major League debut with the Cubs September 8, 2019. Coming in as a relief pitcher in the seventh inning, Hultzen struck out the side. The Chicago Tribune reports: “Hultzen didn’t have time to ease in to his first appearance. The first batter he faced was 2018 National League MVP Christian Yelich. Hultzen’s first pitch was a strike, and catcher Willson Contreras rolled the ball to the Cubs dugout as a memento.” Hultzen is only the second STA player to play in the Major Leagues. (The first was his STA teammate Matt Bowman ’09, now pitching for the Cincinnati Reds.)  (Photo by Scott Paulus, Milwaukee Brewers.)

The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina '90
The Outlaw Ocean: Journeys Across the Last Untamed Frontier, by journalist Ian Urbina ’90 made the New York Times Bestseller List in its first week of publication. According to the Times: In ‘The Outlaw Ocean,’ the journalist Ian Urbina highlights how, in overlooking the seas, we’ve allowed that void to become a vacuum for corruption, violence and lawlessness, a stage for gruesome deaths and even more gruesome lives—and then he brings us into intimate contact with those lives, forcing witness.”

Michael Bennet '83
U.S. Senator Michael Bennet ’83 released his educational plan as he continues his run for the Democratic presidential nomination. According to the Colorado Sun, Bennet–former Denver superintendent of public schools–told reporters: “I spent a significant part of my life in classrooms. I’ve seen what works.”

Charles Snowden '17
The University of Virginia is celebrating the success of linebacker Charles Snowden ’17 on and off the field. UVAToday reports that Snowden’s pregame ritual involves visits to UVA Children’s Hospital, where he can be found “cradl[ing] a baby suffering from a respiratory disorder. Or read[ing] a book to a child awaiting a heart transplant. Or, bending over a bed, whisper[ing] words of encouragement to a kid who just came out of cancer surgery.”

Canon Martin & Michael Collins '48

“From a human point of view, it was a very unusual undertaking in that after the flight … everywhere we went people said, we did it,” astronaut Michael Collins ’48 told NPR on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. “I don’t know of any event before or since that has had that kind of unanimity. For a little while, under limited circumstances, everyone everywhere seemed united behind what we had done.” Collins also narrated a Google doodle about his trip to, around, and home from the moon and participated in a Bulletin interview with STA archivist Mark Wilkerson.
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