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Locker Organization 101

Any parent knows that getting a child to clean up their room or be more organized is an incredible challenge. If it’s any consolation, we see the same problem in school. As Form A embarks on the school year, locker organization becomes a persistent challenge.

The good news is that our Form A students are fortunate enough to be in the presence of a certified organization genius: Mr. Grant Brown.

Renowned throughout the school for his locker organization expertise, Mr. Brown hosted a Form A Town Hall on the skill this week. Mr. Brown went step-by-step, breaking down the intricate science of building the perfect locker. With hacks ranging from using a crate to optimize the space, to utilizing the door to store pens and post your schedule, Mr. Brown put on a true masterclass in the mastery of the Master Lock-secured locker.

Check out the sights from his tutorial.

Mr. Brown's Locker Tutorial
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