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Form A Previews the Middle Ages

How captivating can the Middle Ages be?
For the past two weeks, Form A students have been trying to answer this question by making their own iMovie trailers about the Middle Ages. For the second quarter, Form A students studied the Middle Ages, including feudalism, trade on the Silk Road, the Crusades, the Byzantine Empire, the Black Plague, and the role of the Church. Groups of students selected one topic on which to base their film, then brainstormed the story they would tell in a 1-2 minute trailer. Working with Educational Technology Coordinator Dawn Berkeley, the students learned how to cite images they found on the Internet, create their storyboards for their trailers, and use iPads to film each other acting. They’ve had a wonderful time using the nature and beauty of St. Albans’ campus to film their trailers, and of course, throwing in some swordfights can’t hurt. On Monday, January 23, the students enjoyed a viewing of all the trailers at the Form A film festival, held in Trapier Theater.

Following is a sampling of the movie trailers shown.
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