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Form I-II Spain Field Trip

By: Connor Leyden '24

From June 16-25, 22 Lower School Form I-II Spanish students embarked on a field trip to Spain in collaboration with LITA, a small, rural-focused language immersion program based in Austin, Texas. Guided by teachers Ms. Kelly Castellanos Evans, Ms. Lisa Blanford, Mr. Daniel Finer, and LITA Director Mr. Jordan Room, the students visited a side of Spain unseen by tourists. 


The journey began in the picturesque Mataraña region, a hidden gem in northeastern Spain known for its rich cultural heritage. Here, students engaged in diverse activities such as photography, cooking, and bracelet-making classes; hiked and biked through scenic landscapes; visited local schools, Roman ruins, and farms; and participated in traditional games and cultural tours with locals. Highlights included olive oil tasting, radio interviews, and private concerts, providing a deep dive into the local way of life.


The trip continued in the vibrant city of Barcelona, where students explored the city's unique blend of bohemian and modern influences. They attended a photography workshop, took part in a photo scavenger hunt at Poble Espanyol, and enjoyed a variety of traditional Spanish culinary experiences. Throughout the trip, students formed meaningful connections with locals and gained a profound appreciation for Spain's diverse cultural and historical landscapes. This enriching experience not only enhanced their language skills but also broadened their understanding of global cultures and histories.

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