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Soda Showers: Soda + Mentos Lab

Form C scientists recently tested two variables, different types of soda and different numbers of Mentos, in a fun-filled lab measuring the reaction different types of soda had when Mentos candies were added. To test the reaction, two liter bottles of soda were placed at a 45-degree angle, and the distance of spray was measured after Mentos candies were dropped inside.

The students conducted three trials for each variable and averaged their results. When looking at all of the results from the three classes, Coke was the overall winner with Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper coming in a close second. Wind was a variable that could not be controlled during the experiments, so some trials were further or shorter than normal depending which way the wind blew. Enjoy video and photos from their scientific explorations!

Different Types of Soda

Form C: Types of Soda and Mentos

Different Number of Mentos Form C: Number of Mentos and Soda

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