Congratulations to Our 2022 Cum Laude Inductees

Congratulations to Our 2022 Cum Laude Inductees

St. Albans inducted sixteen members of the Class of 2022 into the Cum Laude Society on June 7, 2022. The society recognizes not only superior scholarly achievement, but also the character qualities of areté (excellence), diké (justice), and timé (honor).

At the service, current parent Anna Wellenstein, the regional director for sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean for the World Bank, shared advice students could to take with them on their life journey.

Reminding students how they do things matters, Wellenstein said: “You are privileged by the fact [you attended] St. Albans. … This means the generosity, dignity, and humanity with which you act will have lasting impressions. … People are paying attention to you. You can have impact by your values and your comportment. Don’t lose that opportunity.”

Please join us in congratulating the inductees:

Tyler James Amell-Angst ’22
Eliot Ansel Chang ’22
Evan Masterson Daneker ’22
Petr Donets ’22
Luke William Benbury Dougherty ’22
Miles Alexander Gunty ’22
Spencer William Hall ’22
Joseph Albert Laroski III ’22
John Lewis Marriott ’22
Christopher Speed Nash ’22
Yhuin Ong ’22
Deen Humayun Osman ’22
Theo Kurosh Sotoodehnia ’22
Aidan Rusher Urbina ’22
Alexander Nicholas von Kumberg ’22
Xuan Xu ’22
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