National Spanish Exam Honors

National Spanish Exam Winners
Congratulations to Form I and II Spanish students who attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2022 National Spanish Examinations. “Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student on the National Spanish Examinations is very prestigious,” said Lisa Greenman, National Director of the Exams, “because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with over 73,000 students participating in 2022.” Since they were first administered in 2016, St. Albans students have earned accolades on these exams. Kelly Castellanos Evans, Lisa Blanford, and Daniel Finer taught Spanish in Forms I and II in 2021-22, and believe that, through strong work habits and attention to detail, all students are capable of high achievement on the National Spanish Exams.

Form I

Oro (Gold)
Evan Campbell
Tatsuto Nozaki
Ashton Ejtemai
Marco Gutierrez
Rafi Hume
Matthew Metzroth
Connor Mitchell
Declan Power Sunstein

Plata (Silver)
Benjy Kuersteiner
Jack Mcbrady
Luke Chin
Ray Hickey

Bronce (Bronze)
Darius Bajoghli
Brett Paukstis
Will Kinney
Cecil O’Neil
Theo Weissman

Honorable Mention
Eli Cavaleri
Kane Green
Kevin Shin
Sam Wick
Kit Beeson
Owen Dalgard
Astin Ellis
Holt Farver
Aiden Friend
Ryan Lee
Alexander Sabet
Henry Slagle
Alexander White
Wagner Underwood

Form II

Oro (Gold)
Charlie Palmore
Lincoln Razi
Steven Xu

Plata (Silver)
Rowan Banks
James Chadwick
Lincoln Eyer
James Garland
Theodore Hamilton
Alex Mathai
Arjun Patel
Cyrus Sabet

Bronce (Bronze)
Nino Al-sabah
Richard Caddell
Walker Dean
Ilias Janus
Will Martin
Jack Moore
Trey Sheridan
Sanjan Vaid
Humphrey Wolfe
Ben Kaplan
Hugh Kaplan
Tomás Klatzkin

Honorable Mention
Jacob Allen
Alex Atwell
William Cantrell
Gabriel Donoghue
Andre Gagolin
Paulos Preston
Brennan Schvimmer
Quinton Sothern
Jack Talcott
Griffin Wilsusen
Meade Winn
Amir Barrage
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