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News from CBA Science

Penny Aluminum Boats

In C Form Science class, students designed and created aluminum foil boats to see which ones would hold the most pennies. While testing their designs before the competition, students learned that a successful boat has to find a balance between having a large base and tall sides, and the placement of pennies in the boat proved to be important to help distribute the weight. The record set this year was 398 pennies!

March Mammal Madness

CBA Science students are excited to participate in the annual tournament of animals: March Mammal Madness. Created by Dr. Katie Hinde from Arizona State University, March Mammal Madness is a bracketed tournament where animals battle each other in a simulated environment where science decides the winner. This is the 10th annual March Mammal Madness, and the 4th year St. Albans has participated.

Form B researched the 65 combatants to create a study guide for others to use to make informed choices about the outcome of the tournament. Form A students are wrote haikus in their science journals about the animals in the tournament. Lower School students fill out their brackets and submit them to Mr. Miller for scoring. The first battle is the Wild Card Match that takes place on Monday, March 14. Be sure to ask your student which animal they have winning the whole tournament!

Animordle: The Wordle Game with Animal Names

In conjunction with March Mammal Madness, Mr. Miller and Mr. Nolan created Animordle: The Wordle Game with Animal Names. You can play Animordle every day by visiting, which averages more than 2,000 daily visitors. All of the answers are 5-letter singular animal names, and some March Mammal Madness combatants will be answers. None of the answers are plural animal names (i.e. bears, foxes, crabs), and any 5-letter word can be used in Animordle to help find the animal name answer.

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