Clifford Foreman '08 Addresses Football Team

Clifford Foreman ’08 returned to STA to offer a keynote speech at the annual football banquet. Noted Foreman, who played football at Yale, served as an infantry officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, and is now pursuing an MBA at the Wharton School: “Football is a game of ups and downs. It’s a game of momentum swings, a game where things can change instantly. Additionally, it’s a game where success on the field on game days is in part—and no small part—predetermined by the weeks and months in advance of grueling summer workouts, of winter weight room sessions, of brutal track workouts and agility sessions …. It’s a game where skill and natural ability only counts for a relatively small amount of potential success. The lion’s share is determined by grit, by toughness, by dedication and will.”

And, according to Foreman, all that was on display this fall, the team's first winning season in several years, and it was on display the last game of the season, a hard-fought loss to Landon. Said Foreman: “While yesterday’s defeat at Landon was heartbreaking, … you executed with toughness, physicality, focus, and a will that I have not seen in a St. Albans team in quite some time. You fought against your arch nemesis … And you made me, as well as a number of my St. Albans’ teammates who watched you yesterday, extremely proud … You played without fear. You played with class and integrity. You represented yourself as St. Albans men that we, as alums, are incredibly proud to be associated with. You seized this moment in ways bigger than you realize. And more importantly, this team seized this season to right this ship after years of losing records. At six and four, under the leadership of the seniors, this team has secured St. Albans' first winning season in ten years.”
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