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LEGO Robot Field Day 2021

Enjoy the video and photos!

Form A students have been building and programming LEGO robots in science class in anticipation for the culminating event: LEGO Robot Field Day! Each homeroom designed their competition for the field day. Mr. Brown’s homeroom competed in the Great Oval Race, where the robot had to completely make its way around an oval without crossing over any lines. Mr. Levner’s homeroom competed in the Egg Race, where robots faces off head-to-head to carry an “egg” from one side of the course to the other without dropping it or crossing into their competitor’s plane. Mr. Harrison’s homeroom competed in Parking Plaza, where each robot had to travel to and park in a designated square for points. Congratulations to all the homeroom champions of LEGO Robot Field Day! Enjoy the video and photos from the competitions!

LEGO Robot Field Day 2021
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