Celebrating Performing Arts

Celebrating Performing Arts

Upper School students participating in the performing arts joined Mr. Robinson and performing arts faculty in the Amphitheater this week to celebrate an unprecedented year for the arts, seniors, and outgoing and incoming student leaders. COVID restrictions made it difficult for performers to gather for rehearsals, but students and faculty worked hard and came up with innovative ways to keep the arts alive. Faculty pieced together individual recordings of choral and instrumental music to create music tracks, and the Theater Department shipped costumes, green screens, and ring lights to students to individually record scenes for the musicals and plays. Their commitment to performing helped keep us all entertained, and we congratulate them for all their successes this year. Bravissimo!

2020-21 Outstanding Performing Artist

(Elected by all NCS and STA Upper School students)
David Donoghue ’21

Instrumental Music

Graduating Members in Instrumental Music
Evan Asuncion ’21
Hugh Barringer ’21
Eric Chen ’21
Alex Misiaszek ’21

Jazz Band Officers for 2020-21 and 2021-22
Evan Daneker ’22
Theo Sotoodehnia ’22

Choral Music

Graduating Members of Chorale Singing Four Years (2017-2021)
Aram Akhavan ’21
Evan Asuncion ’21
Richard Davies-Van Voorhis ’21
Everett Davis ’21
Sammy Dereje ’21
David Donoghue ’21
Nadeem El-Shami ’21
Grayson Grigorian ’21
Jorge Guajardo Sada ’21
Teddy Hudson ’21
Benjamin Shorb ’21
Lucas Siegel ’21

Graduating Members of Chorale Singing Less Than Four Years
James Abell ’21 (3)
Lucas Pavia ’21 (3)
Noah Wohlstadter ’21 (3)
Hugh Barringer ’21 (2)
Andrew Sonneborn ’21 (1)

Chorale & Madrigal Singers Officers
David Donoghue ’21, Co-President
Nadeem El-Shami ’21, Senior Officer
Jorge Guajardo Sada ’21, Senior Officer
Lucas Pavia ’21, Senior Officer

Madrigal Singers
Sammy Dereje ’21, Co-President

2021-22 Chorale Officers
Darren Jenkins-Johnston ’22, Co-President
William Barbee ’22, Senior Officer
Joshua Kim ’22, Senior Officer
Tyler Amell-Angst ’22, Senior Officer
Zachary Cantrell ’23, Form V Representative
Henry Terrell ’24, Form IV Representative

Theater Department

2020-21 Thespian Society Officers
David Donoghue ’21, President
Nico Cantrell ’21, Vice President

2021-22 Thespian Society Officers
Matthew Merril ’22, President
William Barbee ’22, Vice President

Graduating Members of the Thespian Society
Nico Cantrell ’21
Ethan Childs ’21
Will Denton ’21
David Donoghue ’21
Jorge Guajardo-Sada ’21
Damian Hackett ’21
Michael Harreld ’21
Mekhi Love ’21
Nicolas Maguigad ’21
Lucas Pavia ’21
Quinn Spencer ’21
Dillon Sutko ’21
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