Form I and II Orchestra Enjoys an In-Person Rehearsal!

With most of our students now back on campus each day, in-person music rehearsals have restarted. This morning in Trapier Theater, the Form I and II Orchestra rehearsed the Irish folk song Down by the Salley Gardens (setting by Patrick Roszell; title and text [when sung] by the poet Yeats). The piece, which students at both schools are learning, is fairly new to the students, who were close to sight-reading at the 15-minute rehearsal with Instrumental Music Director Scott Wood. Said Wood: “For many of the boys, this is their first opportunity in a year to play together in person, to hear and respond to each other, and to engage in the creative discipline of rehearsal. Students have been practicing at home using SmartMusic, which helps them learn their parts and place them within the ensemble fabric. But we are enjoying making music together in person and are looking forward to the woodwind and brass players joining within the safety guidelines.” And with him, we would agree! It has been wonderful to hear music on our campus once again.
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