Doves of Hope

Lower School religion classes are being held in the Cathedral this week, underneath thousands of paper doves suspended from the National Cathedral’s 100-foot-high, vaulted ceiling – part of the art exhibit “Les Colombes,” by German artist Michael Pendry. The Rev. Brooks Hundley, the Rev. Chadwick and the boys spoke about the symbolism of doves in the Bible and looked at the dove in the Window of Noah and the Flood. The boys then had the chance to make their own origami “doves of hope.”

Noted the Rev. Chadwick: "Every class loved the dove exhibit and noticed something different about it before making their own doves: 'It's not in a straight line because life is not in a straight line.' 'The doves look like a waterfall or a river.' 'They look like the stages of life starting up high with birth and getting lower and freer as you go along.' 'There are peace signs and hearts on some of them. There's a blue dove!'"
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