Exploring the Garden of Eden

Enjoy the photos!

Exploring the Garden of Eden

For 20 years, the Bishop’s Garden has served as the perfect setting for the Lower School chaplains to introduce C Formers to the story of the Garden of Eden. Upon entering the Bishop’s Garden, students are given three important rules before they can explore at their leisure:

  1. No running.
  2. No yelling.
  3. No messing with the plants.

The rules are usually broken immediately as the boys scurry off to explore the garden (today’s class lasted for about 10 seconds, but the record for the longest period of time before breaking a rule is 5 minutes). Reconvening as a class afterwards, current Lower School Chaplain Rev. Chadwick discussed with the boys how it’s human nature to push boundaries and do what we want. She then had students assist her in acting out the story as she read it to them. Enjoy the photos!
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