Congratulations to Our Cum Laude Inductees

Sixteen members of the St. Albans Class of 2020 were inducted, through a virtual ceremony, into the Cum Laude Society, the evening of June 3, 2020. The society recognizes not only superior scholarly achievement, but also the character qualities of areté (excellence), diké (justice), timé (honor).

Please join us in congratulating the inductees.
Edward Bartram ’20
Matthew Bruning ’20
Matthew Chalk ’20
William Harmon ’20
James Hassett ’20
David Hla ’20
William Holland ’20
Michael Katsock ’20
Armon Lotfi ’20
Mark MacGuidwin ’20
Nolan Musslewhite ’20
William Nash ’20
Yash Somaiya ’20
Aidan Stretch ’20
Constantine Tsibouris ’20
Bryan Valdes ’20

Sandeep Somaiya, father of Yash ’20, delivered the induction address. Noting the current global pandemic, he told the students, “There will be history textbooks about you. There will be chapters about the 21st century, the Digital Age, and social media, COVID-19. Our modern time will be studied by scholars, just as you deeply studied historical moments like the Roman Empire or the American Revolutionary War in your classes. The change led by each one of you that arises from this current situation will reach the same levels of historical significance that all of the great events before you hold.”

Somaiya urged the Class of 2020 to consider this situation an opportunity: “During times of stability, it is much harder to successfully challenge the status quo; when that’s not the case, like today, you end up with more power to shape what comes next. So, I urge you to exercise that power in a way that is meaningful to you. You have all the tools you need to do so.”

Enjoy the video of the service and read Mr. Somaiya’s speech.
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