Dr. Schofer Uses His Feet to Show Heart for Class of 2020

Click on the map to see Dr. Schofer’s route.
Upper School math teacher Jarad Schofer had a special surprise for the Class of 2020 in Chapel today. Schofer has been engaged in a project to run on every block of every street in Washington, D.C. (He's almost done, but more about that later.) To keep track of where he's run and where he needs to go, he's been using an app that tracks his route every time and saves the accumulated runs on a D.C. map.

Recently, Schofer decided to use a similar app for a new purpose - to share a heartfelt message with the Class of 2020. Schofer planned a route and then ran, all on one day in one continuous run, along streets in a pattern that spells STA 2020 followed by a ❤.

Including getting to the site and back, Schofer covered about 22 miles (and 1500 feet in elevation) over 4.5 hours. He started the letter S at 16th and Oglethorpe, and concluded with the heart. His directions included 110 steps. “If I had screwed up even one bit, I would have had to start again! ” said Schofer. Asked why he did it, Schofer said: “I wanted to do something unique to show my appreciation for this amazing group of seniors. With everyone staying at home, I wanted them to know that we, the faculty, are thinking about them a lot.”
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