Join the STA Maker Mindset Challenge

Mr. Nolan and Mr. Miller have been sharing fun projects with students in Forms C, B, and A in their Maker Mindset Challenge. Your family can join in on the fun of tackling new projects each week. Share your projects with us on social media using #STAMakerMindsetChallenge. Have fun learning something new!

May 25-31


Read! Read! Read!
How many pages can you read this summer? Count your pages in addition to your books because you may end up surprising yourself!

Daily Fitness Goal
Chooses something tangible and measurable that you can push yourself physically to achieve every day. Examples: 100 push-ups every day, Run a mile a every day, Swim a mile a day, Achieve 20,000 steps on your fitness tracker, Close all of your fitness circles on your Apple Watch etc.

New Traditions
What better time than now to start some new traditions. They can be with your family or friends, in person or virtually. Make a plan and do it again. That’s how traditions are made!

Stay in Touch
Make a list of people you want to make sure you stay in touch with even better this summer. Give them a call, set up a Zoom meeting, write a postcard, a letter, or send an email to someone every week to check in and see how they are doing.

Family Movie Nights
How many of AFI’s 100 Greatest Films of All Time has your family seen? Make a list and plan a weekly family movie night to enjoy some quality cinema. Use CommonSense Media to determine which movies are appropriate for different age students.

Food for Thought
Learn how to make a family favorite recipe. Make it multiple times over the summer so that you can perfect your cuisine.

You got skills!
Work over the summer on mastering a new skill. Examples could be solving a Rubik’s Cube, playing a new musical instrument, learning a magic trick, shredding a new skateboard move, or coding your own video game.


Penny Walk
Take a penny on a walk with you. When you get to an intersection flip your penny. Heads = turn right. Tails = turn left. Hope this makes cents!

PlantSnap App
Ever wonder what plants or trees are in your garden? Use PlantSnap App (iOS or Android) to instantly know. Email signup required.

Spell your Name on a Run/Walk
Explore new streets in your neighborhood by plotting a run/walk to spell your name using https://onthegomap.com. Check out Upper School math teacher Jarad Schofer’s run tribute to the Class of 2020.

Check out Venus and Mercury right after sunset
The solar system’s innermost planets stand only about 1° apart above the west-northwestern horizon shortly after sunset May 21. Venus will be brighter and right above Mercury.

Paint Leaves
Once you have used the PlantSnap app to identify plants you can use this tutorial to learn how to paint leaves from your explorations

Take a Bike Ride on Beach Drive
Go for a nice long bike ride along Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park while it is closed to car traffic. Road highlighted in yellow. Click here for map: https://www.nps.gov/rocr/planyourvisit/upload/ROCRmap1.pdf.

Backyard Olympics
Create events, challenge your family members, award homemade medals. Wanna take it to the next level? Challenge friends and family over Zoom and make it a worldwide event! Don’t forget to have a stunning opening and closing ceremony!

May 11-17

5-11-2020 Maker Mindset
Make Music
Design your own unique instrument from household objects. Use boxes, straws, PVC pipes, rubber bands, and anything else you can think of!

Balloon Car Race
Do you have balloons and cylinders to make wheels? Make a balloon-powered car. Watch this tutorial and challenge your family to see who can go the furthest.

Old to New
Use old crayons to make new ones. Watch this simple video and ask for permission before using the oven.

Feed the Birds
Save up toilet rolls. Cover them in peanut butter, roll in bird seed, and hang them outside using a string.

Book Art
Use old books to make a cool hanging paper wreath. This tutorial will give you all the pointers you need. Make sure you have permission before using a glue gun.

DIY Hanging Planter
Spring is in the air! Make a hanging planter with these easy steps. Have an adult help you cut the plastic bottle.

One Thing Leads to Another!
Make a Rube Goldberg Machine in your house or yard. Get the whole family involved. Only use items around the house. For inspiration click here.

May 4-10

5-4-2020 Maker Mindset
Are you a Jedi Master or Sith Lord?
Test your Star Wars knowledge with this 100 question Star Wars trivia extravaganza. Please enter your real name so we can recognize the top Jedi at the end of the week. https://quizizz.com/join?gc=386021

Use Legos to recreate a favorite scene in the Star Wars Universe.

Sketch the Mandalorian

Make Origami Yoda!
Don't have colorful origami paper? Use plain white and color them before you begin folding. https://youtu.be/YfMBQqbgDqY

Spend a day with Chewie and Porgs
Listen to a reading of the book Chewie and Porgs and then paint your own Chewie and Porg rock art. https://www.starwars.com/news/chewie-and-the-porgs-rock-painting-craft

Check out these Star Wars themed recipes!
Remember to check in with a parent before cooking anything. Be safe and be smart.

Star Wars CubeFold
It is part origami and part model making. Print out the designs and create your own 3D Cube Model of your favorite Star Wars characters. http://www.cubefold-craft.com/star-wars-series

April 27-May 3

Learn to Juggle
Why not teach yourself how to juggle during this time at home?! No scarves? Use grocery bags! Watch this video to get more info.

Tiny Terrarium
Create your own mini ecosystem using plants from your garden, some gravel and dirt, and a clear container. Watch this video to get more info.

Decorate Your Bookshelf
Make a Book Nook Shelf Insert Diorama for your favorite book or series! See this link for examples.

Miss Baseball?
Practice your baseball situations by studying these rules. Then go out and play! It’s also fun to watch an old game and see the situations in action!

Make a DIY Animal Planter
Make animal shaped planters to plant seeds in. If using a plastic bottle, get help from an adult before cutting. Watch this video to get more info.

Zoom Scavenger Hunt
Create a Zoom Scavenger Hunt for your friends and relatives. This is especially great if you have younger relatives quarantined elsewhere.

Make a Plan
Next week (May 4 - 8) is Teacher Appreciation Week. Think of a plan to make your homeroom teacher feel special this upcoming week.
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