LEGO Robot Field Day

Enjoy video and photos!
It’s always an exciting day in Mr. Miller’s CBA Science Lab during the annual LEGO Robot Field Day. Each Form A homeroom designed the competition they would pursue and used LEGO parts and a great deal of ingenuity and math to calculate each robot’s movements for the competitions.

LEGO Robot Field Day 2019

Mr. Brown’s class competed in chariot races. With robots activated by the sound of a loud handclap, boys raced with 3D printed versions of themselves atop their robots. If a student’s likeness hit the floor or their robot went out of the racing lane, they were disqualified.

Mr. Levner’s class competed in soccer penalty shots. Students programmed their robots to shoot a ball from 5 different distances and locations to a goal without their robot crossing a line, causing disqualification.

Ms. Continetti’s class competed in a treasure hunt where students programmed their robots to make three full rotations before maneuvering around an obstacle to get the pointer on their robot as close to two designated targets as possible.

Each team worked hard to program their robot to maneuver, and a fun time was had by all! Enjoy the video and photos!
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