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The Role of Boys Schools

Time Magazine Features Headmaster's Remarks

Headmaster Jason Robinson is featured in a Time Magazine article on how boys schools are adapting to today’s culture.

In “What Is the Role of an All-Boys School in 2019,” Time reporter Katie Reilly traces how boys schools are responding to the “common critiques that they enable male privilege and a ‘boys will be boys mentality.’” Robinson (who previously addressed this topic in his annual Parent Dinner speech “Boys Schools: Beginning a New Conversation”) told Time Magazine: “An institution that may look, on the surface, to be rather traditional may be ideally positioned to meet the great progressive questions and ... vision for the future we want for both our sons and daughters.”

Noted Robinson: “I’m very mindful of the fact, as a boys school leader, that as we seek to convince families in the future to send their sons to us, they will rightfully ask me the question, ‘Why should I send my son to a boys’ school rather than a co-ed school? Please assure me that a boys school will not be an incubator of male privilege and entitlement and misogyny’ … And I think we’ve got to have really thoughtful, well-developed answers to those questions.” Read the full article at
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