Student Log In

All students are required to change their school password each fall.

New students who wish to update the temporary password sent to them over the summer may follow these same instructions.

Please note: your password must be updated in two places, once for the website (MySTA) and once for your school Gmail account. You must use the same password in both places.

Please watch this instructional video or follow the step-by-step instructions below to update your password.

STEP 1: Resetting Your MySTA Password

2. Click Change Password.
3. For Username, enter everything that appears before in your email address (generally your first initial and last name). Do not enter your full email address here.

For Password enter your old, 2018-19 password (or, for new students, the temporary password mailed to you).
4. Click Next.

5. Select a new password.

Please note, your new password must be 7 characters long, should not include parts of your name or user name, and must include at least 3 of these 4 character types:
  • number
  • special character (e.g. !, $, #, %)
  • upper case character
  • lower case character
6. Enter your password 2 times. (Click on the eye icon at right to check that the passwords match.)

7. Copy your password (so you can easily paste it in STEP 2).

8. Click CHANGE.

9. Click OK.

Adding Your New Password to Your Gmail Account

If prompted, click Sign in.

2. Enter your full school email address.

3. Enter your old, 2018-19 password (or, for new students, temporary password).

4. Click on your Initial and GOOGLE ACCOUNT.
5. From the left menu, select Security.

At center, under signing into Google, select Password.
6. Re-enter–one last time—your old, 2018-19 password (or for new students, temporary password).

7. Enter/Paste your new password 2 times.

8. Click change password.
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