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Last March, St. Albans suspended in-person programming just before spring break, and the school pivoted quickly to full distance learning, which features St. Albans students, faculty, and staff working and learning in an entirely remote posture. We used this model all last spring, and depending on public health developments across the school year, we may have to revert to this model again. This fall, however, current health conditions allow us to begin the year in a more expansive form of distance learning, which we are calling “Remote-Plus.” 

Academic classes will continue to be taught online, but we will find ways, starting with orientation the first week of September and continuing the third week of September and throughout the fall, to bring students back to campus, by form, for activities held outdoors. Remote-Plus activities might include an advisory group meetings in different outdoor locations, student prefect-led outdoor class meetings, or outdoor, in-person “office hours” for teachers of a particular form. Students will also be able to participate in outdoor athletic exercise and conditioning sessions, consistent with D.C. Health guidelines on the nature of the permitted activities. 
St. Albans is a school of sacred physical spaces that we have missed profoundly in the months since March. But the heart and soul of our community are its people and the intangible bonds that tie us together. While we look forward to the day when public health conditions enable us to return fully to the school we love with its spaces and traditions, we know that St. Albans’ mission is not tethered exclusively to the physical realm. Our strength abides in each individual here, each possessing a transcendent force that will carry through and keep us whole — wherever we are. from the Introduction to the STA Reopening Guide
If the public health situation improves, and D.C. Health guidance allows, we will aim to move students safely back into our classrooms and to restore even more of the in-person St. Albans experience. We are calling this the “Hybrid-Cohort Model,” with our students divided into two cohorts, one on campus at a time, the other participating in classes remotely. This will reduce the “density” in the school to a level that allows us to maintain the required physical distancing in classrooms and in the building more broadly. 

We have learned a great deal about distance learning over the past months, and faculty have engaged in extensive professional development work this summer designed to familiarize us with best practices and models of excellence in online teaching and learning strategies. We have made significant investment in new classroom technology that will provide an enhanced Zoom meeting experience for both teacher and learner. We have reworked the daily schedule. And we have incorporated in-person Remote-Plus activities to enhance the education and community-building in each form.

As Headmaster Robinson wrote to the community in August, “We have tried throughout our planning to keep two priorities at the center of our deliberations: the deep desire to get our boys back to campus as soon as safely possible and our obligation to safeguard the health and well-being of our students, families, faculty, and staff. In pursuit of a reopening plan that honors these fundamental priorities, we have committed to making decisions in an evidence-based way, grounded in the best public health guidance and our evolving understanding of the virus.”

We are deeply grateful to the task forces who have advised us in our work, to the teachers who have devoted their summer to improving at distance learning and community building, and the administrators who helped craft this plan.

Reopening Task Forces

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  • Academics

    Ben Labaree and Fred Chandler

    Dawn Berkeley
    Mark Bishop
    Donna Denizé
    Jim Ehrenhaft ’83
    Kristin Elliott
    Leslie George
    Julie Haas
    Brooks Hundley
    Peter Kelley
    Lee Koch
    Monica Lewis
    Jason Robinson
    Sherry Rusher
    Sam Schaffer
  • Facilities & Technology

    Robert Bellinger

    Kirk Atkins
    Jay Driscoll
    Graham Getty
    David Hutchison
    Teddy Kaplan ’92
    Natalia Luis
    Kevin Morin
    Greg Parker
    Jason Robinson
    Suzanne Woods
  • Health & Wellness

    Tara Palmore, M.D.

    Clay Ackerly ’97, M.D.
    Anthony Bruce ’85
    Deanna Coll
    Lucy McBride, M.D.
    Molly Meinhardt
    Jason Robinson
    Marc Siegel, M.D.
    Joe Viola
    Matt Virtue
    Peter Warfield, M.D. (consulting member)
    Suzanne Woods
Located in Washington D.C.,  St. Albans School is a private, all boys day and boarding school. For more than a century, St. Albans has offered a distinctive educational experience for young men in grades 4 through 12. While our students reach exceptional academic goals and exhibit first-rate athletic and artistic achievements, as an Episcopal school we place equal emphasis upon moral and spiritual education.