Student Exchange Sale

Join us for the annual Back-to-School sale Aug. 29, from 8 am -12 pm, Sept. 3, 8 - 10 am!
Please log into the STA website for all the information you will need before your son(s) return to the Close.
The Student Exchange Shop (SES) is run by the St. Albans Parents' Association and provides an opportunity for the entire St. Albans community to benefit from the recycling of our sons’ outgrown STA dress code items.

Each year parents and students generously donate STA approved blazers, khaki pants, dress shirts, ties, belts, and athletic clothing, in gently used condition to the SES. These clothing items are then resold at discounted rates to current students, parents, and faculty.

The revenue from the sale of recycled clothing provides the Parents’ Association with funds to support a wide range of extremely beneficial classroom and faculty programs. The SES accepts cash, check, or charges to student accounts.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Back-to-School Sale on the ground floor (LL*) of Marriott Hall. Enter through Marriott Hall on Senior Circle or via the entrance by the Little Field near Garfield Street.

Student Exchange Shop Opening Hours

Second Tuesday of the Month
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Checks, cash, or charges to student account

Please stop by immediately following the monthly Parents' Association meetings!

Student Exchange Shop Highlights

Athletic Wear$5

How to Donate

Place gently used STA dress code items in a plastic bag and drop the bag in the SES large black container opposite the entrance to the Lower School, adjacent to the Prison Yard. Donation receipts for tax purposes available on request.
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