Form A Volunteers at DC Diaper Bank

Form A at the DC Diaper Bank

Form A classes took turns this winter volunteering at the DC Diaper Bank, a nonprofit that provides diapers, toiletries, and baby products to local families in need.

Most of the boys spent the session bundling diapers into packs of 25 and wrapping them in saran wrap; the packages are intended to provide support to families low on funds at the end of each month. The diapers provide more than a financial lift: Babies with dry diapers cry less, making the whole family happier.

Students who claimed to be most skilled at building Legos stacked bundles of diapers in a warehouse; others organized individual bags of toiletries.

“The boys gained a sense of the challenges people face when they don’t have enough money. They also gained a sense of the immediacy of the need: the boys saw the trucks lined up to deliver diapers they had packaged to families in our area,” noted Form A teacher Anne Continetti.

“The work around supporting mothers in raising children is so vital not just to those families, but to keeping communities healthy, too,” said Lower School Head Fred Chandler, who joined Mr. Brown’s class at the DC Diaper Bank. “The boys were energized—counting, stacking, and packaging diapers; at the same time, they were made aware of the needs of families, and in particular, the needs of women. There was great energy and purpose all around!”
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