Teaching Fellows

No Teaching Fellows Positions Available for 2022-2023.

St. Albans is a proud member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Independent School Teaching Residency Program. This innovative program brings aspiring teachers of exceptional promise to our campus for two years while they pursue a master’s in education from the university’s Graduate School of Education.

Teaching fellows selected by St. Albans teach a full course-load, coach, engage with extracurriculars, and participate fully in school life. The fellows also attend summer and occasional weekend classes and participate in online courses with faculty from the University of Pennsylvania. Senior St. Albans faculty members will serve as their mentors.

Founded in 2012, the Teaching Residency Program partners with a consortium of 12 leading day schools from across the country. St. Albans is the first D.C.-area school to join.

The benefits are manifold: St. Albans students appreciate the youthful fellows’ energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to education; current teachers learn from junior colleagues versed in recent pedagogical advances; faculty mentors refresh their own teaching while immersing themselves in best practices; our staff is diversified by fellows from underrepresented backgrounds; and the school reaffirms its commitment to teaching as a calling. Further, St. Albans is establishing lasting relationships with the schools in the consortium and a new generation of teachers.

“Great teachers are the foundation upon which this school is built” reads an inscription inside the Lower School entrance. We are thrilled to participate in a program that will strengthen that foundation by introducing to our campus some of the country’s most promising teachers at the start of their career.

What to Expect

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  • Mentorship & Coaching

    Veteran teachers serve as mentors to fellows, offering support and guidance through observation and constructive feedback. Additional instructional coaching assists fellows in mastering the art of teaching.
  • Classroom & Coaching Experience

    Fellows have opportunities to co-teach with other faculty, as well as teach their own classes while at St. Albans. There are also opportunities for fellows to be involved in more aspects of school life and advise clubs and/or coach a sport.
  • Professional Development

    On- and off-campus professional development opportunities are available to fellows. This included professional days with fellow faculty members, as well as the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars designed for educators beginning their careers.
  • Seminars

    Fellows regularly gather for seminars to share teaching experiences and develop professionally.
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