Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Meet the DEI Team

The following faculty and staff serve on the school-wide DEI Committee.

List of 21 members.

  • Photo of Kristin Elliott

    Mrs. Kristin (Campbell) Elliott 

    Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    (202) 537-2190
  • Photo of David Belsky

    Mr. David Belsky 

    Form II Science; Athletics
    (202) 537-5758
  • Photo of Mireille Beuchard

    Ms. Mireille Beuchard 

    Upper School French; Director, International Student Travel and Exchange Programs; Dorm
    (202) 537-2224
  • Ms. Kelly (Castellanos) Castellanos Evans 

    Chair, Foreign Language Department; Upper & Lower School Spanish; Athletics
    (202) 537-2386
  • Photo of Donna Denizé

    Ms. Donna Denizé 

    Chair, English Department
    (202) 537-6478
  • Photo of Bowman Dickson

    Mr. Bowman Dickson 

    Upper School Mathematics; Athletics
    (202) 537-6417
  • Photo of James Ehrenhaft

    Mr. James Ehrenhaft 

    Upper School Religion, English; Athletics, Head Cross-Country Coach
    (202) 537-2208
  • Photo of Lauren Goodyear

    Ms. Lauren (Goodyear) Goodyear 

    Form C Teacher
    (202) 537-2217
  • Photo of André Hoyrd

    Dr. André Hoyrd 

    Upper School English; Advisor, Gyre and Saint Albans News
    (202) 537-6665
  • Photo of Glennard Johnson

    Mr. Glennard Johnson 

    Director, Skip Grant Program; Athletics, Head Basketball Coach; Assistant Director, Admissions, LS
    (202) 537-5727
  • Photo of Amanda Licato

    Dr. Amanda Licato 

    Upper School English
    (202) 537-6424
  • Photo of Anne Liberman

    Ms. Anne Liberman 

    Costume Designer
    (202) 537-6338
  • Photo of Kyle Money

    Mr. Kyle Money 

    Penn Teaching Fellow; Athletics
    (202) 537-5640
  • Photo of Shirley Moore

    Ms. Shirley Moore 

    Director, Forms C, B & A Music
    (202) 537-6469
  • Photo of Adrienne Paul

    Mrs. Adrienne Paul 

    Form I Math; Athletics
    (202) 537-5703
  • Photo of Kinari Pierce

    Ms. Kinari (Sakamoto) Pierce 

    Upper School History
  • Photo of Althea Ruffin

    Ms. Althea Ruffin 

    Assistant Director, Auxiliary Operations; Business Office
    (202) 537-7342
  • Photo of Kathy Russell

    Ms. Kathy Russell 

    Assistant Director, Communications
    (202) 537-5523
  • Photo of David Sturtevant

    Mr. David Sturtevant 

    Chair, Visual Arts Department; Two-Dimensional Art; School Curator; Athletics
    (202) 537-6444
  • Photo of John Velosky

    Mr. John Velosky 

    Director, Voyageur Program
    (202) 537-5545
  • Photo of Bharti Vural

    Ms. Bharti Vural 

    Form C Teacher
    (202) 537-5751

Diversity Committee

The following people serve on the Governing Board’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee:

Perry Fergus, Committee Chair
Amar Bakshi ’02
Casey Cooper
Kristin Elliott
Alyse Graham
Rob Kinsey ’76
Al-Hassan Koroma ’09
Tara Palmore
Sherry Rusher
Irasema Salcido
David Sturtevant ’92
Monica Thompson

Jason Robinson, Head of School
Suzanne Woods, Associate Head of School
Located in Washington D.C.,  St. Albans School is a private, all boys day and boarding school. For more than a century, St. Albans has offered a distinctive educational experience for young men in grades 4 through 12. While our students reach exceptional academic goals and exhibit first-rate athletic and artistic achievements, as an Episcopal school we place equal emphasis upon moral and spiritual education.