The Arts at St. Albans


Founded as a school for the Cathedral boy choristers, St. Albans maintains its strong tradition of musical education. Music class is required of boys in Forms C, B, and A (Grades 4 through 6), and performance ensembles are available to boys in every form. By Form III (Grade 9), various academic music courses are options, and many boys participate in the 150-member Chorale, the Orchestra, the Madrigal Singers, the Jazz Band, and a cappella groups. In addition, private voice lessons and individual instruction on an array of instruments are available in every grade.

Visual Arts

Visual arts education in the Lower School helps students to develop skills that allow for creative expression. Working in a studio setting, boys gain experience with clay, colored pencil, marker, papier mâché, paint and textiles. This foundation is expanded upon in following years, with students ultimately finding their niche in paint and drawing, three-dimensional art, ceramics, or photography.


Beginning in Form I (Grade 7) and continuing through the Upper School, courses in drama introduce students to acting techniques, theater vocabulary, and stage production. In conjunction with girls from National Cathedral School, St. Albans students may participate in two school-sponsored Lower School productions and three school-sponsored Upper School productions each year.

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