Cum Laude 2006

Mr. Stephen Mautner, father of inductee Benjamin '06, delivered the Cum Laude induction address at a ceremony in the Little Sanctuary on November 14, 2005.

We are proud to announce the Class of 2006 members of the Cum Laude Society:

Cum Laude Inductees -- Class of 2006

Karl Johan Andersen

Courtney Enright Baker

Andrew Thomas Barnes 

Thomas John Blemaster

Philip Jad Daniel

James Crawford Downie

Douglas Robert Farquhar

Peter Alexander Gilchrist

Brian Brennan Gillis

Matthew Luis Herman

Benjamin Taylor Mautner

John Alexander Nelson

Timothy Antonio Rivera

Knut Nicolai Sand

Joseph George Thumpasery

Samuel Wolf Wechsler

Click the link below to view the speech given by Stephen Mautner, father of Benjamin '06 and Henry '07, on the occasion of the induction of new members to The Cum Laude Society, November 14, 2005.

To Be Honored

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