Social Networking

In recent years, social networks have grown to be one of the most popular applications on the Internet. Initially, a set of founders send out messages inviting members to join. These new members then repeat the process, thereby growing the network and expanding its popularity. Social networks provide features to members including viewable profiles, group membership, address books, and many others.

Despite the many positive and productive uses of social networking, the applications have also been misused as a vehicle for posting slanderous and unflattering comments that can be humiliating and/or intimidating. Individuals may post provocative or suggestive photographs or other material in an effort to improve their online popularity, oftentimes with little regard to the greater consequences. Some of this has come to light in recent articles about Facebook. Because membership is on an invitation only basis, some members believe that these networks are private. This is not the case: individuals have been expelled from school and have been refused employment based on their participation in social networks.

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