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Writers Among Us

A Celebration of St. Albans School's
Writer-in-Residence Program

The St. Albans Writer-in-Residence Program, founded in 1983, has brought to the School talented poets, novelists, essayists, and story writers who have taught students the difficulties and pleasures of writing while pursuing their own craft. Lessons come in the classroom, in the dorm, over the lunch table, and, sometimes, outside at night, observing an eclipse.

This anthology—with contributions from every St. Albans writer in residence—celebrates the success of the program, both in helping boys become stronger and more creative writers and in affirming St. Albans’ commitment to fostering literary talent. Whether written in the dorm, recited at assembly, or inspired by a classroom episode, many of the stories, essays, and poems presented here had their origins at St. Albans.

 “One of the challenges for the writer in residence is finding a balance, a delicate balance between meaningful engagement within a school community with a strong established culture and separation from it, finding precious time to write. This collection of poems, stories, and essays—many written at St. Albans—attests to the ability of each writer to realize the art and efficacy of that delicate balance.”—Gene Campbell, English Teacher, and Donna Denizé, English Department Chair 

The Authors

Every St. Albans writer in residence has contributed to the volume: Christopher Feliciano Arnold, Lora Jane Berg, Will Blythe, Beth Boyett, Katie Brandi, Stuart Holmes Coleman, Bernardine Connelly, Cynthia Cotts, Ronica (Bhattacharya) Dhar, Caitlin Doyle, James Hoch, David Kajganich, Matthew Klam, Kimberly Libby, Robert Lunday, Margaret Meyers, Michael Pickard, Hannah Louise Poston, Brendan Short, Shauna Seliy, Curtis Sittenfeld, Brian Weinberg, Holly Richards Woodward, Christy J. Zink, and Mary Kay Zuravleff.

“To celebrate this spectacular writer-in-residence program, and to celebrate the centennial of St. Albans, and to celebrate all the teachers and students and writers—all who have been a part of this enterprise—and, of course, to make available some of the finest work by young American writers, we offer this collection of writings by each writer in residence.”—Paul Piazza, Associate Headmaster

 “As writers in residence, we have an exchange with the School that goes beyond the classroom and refectory—a deep exchange, one of bared human traits. This is how it happens: All in light of the quest to make literature.”—Hannah Poston, 2007-2008 Writer in Residence

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